Nikki Haley Loses MAGA Nation Forever with One Stupid Tweet – After She Craps on Trump Following $83 Million Lawfare Suit by Crazy Woman

Nutcase E. Jean Carroll and the crazy woman

On Friday a crooked New York City court slapped President Trump with an $83 million judgment for speaking out against the disgusting lies of a crazed woman who said he lured her into a Bergdorf Goodman store some 25 or maybe 30 years ago and raped her in a dressing room where they were trying on lingerie. The entire story lacks credulity and is like something from a Law and Order sketch.

Today, the crooked court ordered President Trump to pay E. Jean Carroll $83 million for something he said about this crazy woman back when he was president in 2019. Free speech is no longer allowed in this country, especially for Republican lawmakers, Trump supporters, and conservative journalists.

This case also changes law in the US and puts any President in jeopardy of being sued by a US citizen for something they said during their time as president.

Trump Attorney Alina Habba described to reporters how villainous the court treated President Trump and his team during the show trial.

Attorney Alina Habba: Ladies and gentlemen, you are not allowed to be stripped of every defense that you have. You are not allowed to be told that you can’t bring it up. And imagine a point where a judge tells the lawyer before your client, the former President of the United States, the leading candidate and obvious nominee for the Republican Party, before he takes the stand to defend himself. Ms. Haba, tell me the questions you’re going to ask in open court and tell me exactly what he’s going to respond. And then edited my questions, edited the response he was allowed to give.

And guess what my client did? He took the stand. He abided by the rules of this corrupt system that I have seen.

We will immediately appeal. We will set aside that ridiculous jury. And I just want to remind you all of one thing. I will continue with President Trump to fight for everybody’s first Amendment right to speak. Everybody’s a right to defend themselves when they are wrongfully accused. And to be able to say, I didn’t do it, and to double and triple and quadruple down and say, this is wrong. This is wrong. We are in the state of New York. We are in a New York jury. And that is why we are seeing these witch hunts, these hoaxes, as he calls them, and this is another one of them be brought in New York, in states where they know they will get juries like this.

Following this kangaroo court sentencing where President Trump was not able to speak freely and was not able to defend himself against the completely ridiculous story, Nikki Haley decided it was a good time to attack President Trump.

Haley posted this tweet on X on Friday afternoon.

Nikki Haley: Donald Trump wants to be the presumptive Republican nominee and we’re talking about $83 million in damages. We’re not talking about fixing the border. We’re not talking about tackling inflation. America can do better than Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Haley is either stupid or a plant. She is trying to pile on Trump with the far-left media and alienating his 74,2223,975 voters.

She just lost Trump nation with that brainless tweet.

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