E. Jean Carroll Trashes Trump, Reveals What She Will Do with Trump’s Money After Jury Awards Her $83.3 Million (VIDEO)

E. Jean Carroll participated in a media blitz on Monday morning after a jury awarded her $83.3 million in her defamation case against Trump.

In 2019, E. Jean Carroll alleged Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s.

Trump has denied the allegations and called E. Jean Carroll a “whack job” who’s “not my type.”

On Friday afternoon the 9-person jury returned a verdict in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation case where she sought $10 million in damages based on Trump’s 2019 statements about her while he was president.

This is the same woman who previously said ‘rape is sexy’ and a ‘fantasy’ – CNN’s Anderson Cooper was so disturbed he cut to a commercial break.


Trump’s efforts to assert immunity over his 2019 statements about E. Jean Carroll were rejected.

The jury ordered Trump to pay a total of $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll for statements he made defending himself against false rape accusations.

President Trump vowed to appeal the verdict.

“Absolutely ridiculous! I fully disagree with both verdicts, and will be appealing this whole Biden Directed Witch Hunt focused on me and the Republican Party. Our Legal System is out of control, and being used as a Political Weapon. They have taken away all First Amendment Rights. THIS IS NOT AMERICA!” Trump said in a Truth Social post on Friday evening shortly after the jury returned the verdict.

On Monday E. Jean Carroll appeared on far-left fake news networks where she revealed what she would do with Trump’s money.

She trashed Trump and said she’ll do “everything” she can to help Joe Biden beat Trump in 2024 during an appearance on CBS Mornings.


Carroll appeared on Good Morning American with her attorney Roberta Kaplan (no relation to Judge Lewis Kaplan). She said she wants to give money to something Trump hates to cause him pain.

“I’d like to give the money to something Donald Trump hates. That will cause him pain for something, to give money to certain things. Perhaps a fund for the women who have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump,” E. Jean Carroll said on Good Morning America.


Carroll also appeared on “CNN This Morning” and joked about what she will do with Trump’s money.

“No, but we’re inspired to not waste a penny of this,” Carroll said. “And we have some good ideas that we’re working on.”

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