WATCH: Reporters Confront Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin About His Incapacitation Scandal

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Thursday fielded questions from reporters in his first press conference since his secret hospitalization.

In an appalling revelation, the Pentagon earlier this month admitted Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center following complications from ‘elective surgery’ – it turns out Lloyd Austin had prostate cancer and hid it from the Biden White House.

Austin underwent a procedure for prostate cancer on December 22. He was under general anesthesia for the Dec. 22 prostate cancer procedure but not when he was treated in the ICU after January 1.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, Secretary Austin, 70, was secretly taken back to the hospital by ambulance on New Year’s Day from complications of the surgery and spent more than a week in the ICU (intensive care unit) at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and his deputy had to take over his duties.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks – who was on leave and on vacation in Puerto Rico (and possibly boozing) – had to take over Lloyd Austin’s duties.

Kathleen Hicks

Lloyd Austin previously released a statement on his secret hospitalization and did not explain his failure to inform Joe Biden or Congress about his hospitalization.

Austin was discharged from a 2-week hospital stay in mid-January.

Lloyd Austin defended his decision to keep his medical emergency and incapacitation a secret from high-ranking members of the executive branch and Congress.

“Frankly, my first instinct was to keep it private. I don’t think it’s news that I’m a pretty private guy,” Lloyd Austin told Pentagon reporters.

Austin said he never directed his staff to keep his condition from senior officials or the public.


Austin couldn’t explain why his staffer told the ambulance “no lights, no sirens.”

According to the alarming New Year’s Day 911 call, Secretary Austin’s aide asked the dispatcher to send an ambulance with ‘no lights or sirens’ because they were trying to ‘remain subtle.’

The 911 call reveals at least one of Secretary Austin’s aides was aware of his grave condition as everyone in Biden’s orbit was kept in the dark. It is unclear which aide dialed 911.


Austin refused to answer questions about the 911 call.


One reporter confronted Austin: “Anyone else within the military chain of command would have faced reprimand or even dismissal. Why shouldn’t that same standard apply to you?”

Austin thanked the reporter for the question and then doesn’t answer.


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