Inspections ordered to clear Czech meat exports to PHL

THE Czech Republic is seeking approval to export meat to the Philippines, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA).

In Special Order No. 152, the DA said it will send inspectors to Czech meat product facilities to accredit meat from that country.

The inspection mission will be conducted between Feb. 12 and 24 and will be composed of technical experts on border control and animal health, and representatives from the National Meat Inspection Service and the Bureau of Animal Industry.

Under Administrative Order No. 16 of 2006, countries are required to apply for accreditation if they seek to export animals, meat, and meat products to the Philippines.

The DA said the inspection team will prepare an import risk analysis report within 30 days after conducting on-site inspections and document validation.

“Prior to accreditation, on-site assessment of the veterinary services, animal health, and food safety controls of the exporting country have to be undertaken,” it said.

Last year, the DA lifted the ban on poultry imports from the Czech Republic, citing the containment of an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza or bird flu. — Adrian H. Halili