Graphic New Details Emerge in Alleged Sexual Assault Case Against New York Mayor Eric Adams Calling Him a “Predator”

In November, The Gateway Pundit reported on allegations of sexual assault against embattled New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) stemming from an incident in 1993.

The accuser filed a summons Wednesday night under the Adult Survivors Act – the same law that allowed E. Jean Carroll to go after Trump 30 years later.

The plaintiff accuses Eric Adams of sexually assaulting her when they both worked for the City of New York, The Messenger reported.

The plaintiff is seeking $5 million.

Further details have emerged in new court papers alleging Adams was seeking a sexual favor from the alleged victim in 1993 while he was a police officer in exchange for helping her in her career.

According to The New York Post, the accuser, Lorna Beach-Mathura,  claimed she asked Adams for help — as he was the leader of the Transit Bureau NYPD Guardians Association, which fights for the rights of black employees — since she’d been passed over for promotion as a black woman in the NYPD.

*Warning, graphic content*

“Defendant Adams preyed on her perceived vulnerability, demanding a quid pro quo sexual favor and sexually assaulting Plaintiff, revealing himself not to be the ‘Guardian’ he purported to be, but a predator,” charges the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday.

Beach-Mathura claims that Adams drove “her to a vacant lot and request[ed] oral sex from her,” and when she refused, he put her hand on his “erect penis,” the filing alleges.

When she took her hand away, Adams allegedly “masturbated himself” and “ejaculated on her,” the papers claim.

Adams has denied knowing Beach-Mathrua and denied the incident.

Adams is also under federal investigation.

The FBI seized NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ cellphones and 2 iPads amid a federal corruption investigation related to his 2021 campaign.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the FBI conducted a raid on the Brooklyn residence of Brianna Suggs, the chief fundraiser for New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The feds are focusing on text messages suggesting embattled NYC Mayor Eric Adams helped fast-track approvals from the city Buildings Department and Fire Department for the Turkish government’s headquarters in New York City, according to the New York Post.

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