Trump Supporters Protest Kathy Griffin’s Visit to Comedy Club in Huntington, New York (VIDEO)

Dozens of Trump supporters in Huntington, New York, protested the arrival of comedian and former View Co-host Kathy Griffen.

Just hours before Griffen was set to take the stage as part of her “My Life on the PTSD List” at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, New York, dozens of Trump supporters started a caravan to protest Griffen’s visit.

A caravan of nearly 17 vehicles decked out in Trump 2024 flags, signs, patriotic colors, and more were spotted honking their horns outside the Paramount Theater, where Griffen later performed.


In response to the protest, Griffen took to Instagram and wrote, “This is the protest that is planned for my show tonight in Huntington, Long Island. I am anxious to see what this group of losers has in mind.”

Per Huntington Now:

Supporters of former president Donald Trump protested outside the Paramount Sunday night where comedian Kathy Griffin was appearing as part of her ‘My Life on the PTSD List’ tour.

A caravan of about 17 vehicles, many festooned with Trump or American flags, and others carrying signs that denounced President Joe Biden as well as Griffin, came into downtown Huntington from Farmingdale and drove up and down in front of the theater, blasting horns, sounding music and shouting. Some riders cursing the president. One vehicle blasted an earsplitting locomotive horn, while another participant shook a cowbell out the window.

Others directed their anger at the comedian, who in 2017 held up a mask of Trump dripping with fake blood. That earned considerable opposition from many but Griffin has said it was meant as political satire, not a threat.

Kathy Griffin has been a longstanding voice against Trump.

In 2017, she infamously posted a distasteful photo of herself with a bloody replica of Trump’s head decapitated.

Most recently, she has gone viral after a new photo of her with a deformed face has fans and critics both asking, “What happened to Kathy’s face?”


What Happened to Kathy Griffin’s Face?… Is It Time for a New Specialist?

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