Uncovered Video Shows Dirty NY AG Letitia James Dancing With Sen Chuck Schumer And Communist Group She’s Tied To In NYC Parade [VIDEO]

How closely tied are New York’s nasty AG Letitia James and the dirty Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer? Should Americans be concerned over public ties between the active pro-Communism “Working Families Party,” US Senator Chuck Schumer,  and NY AG Letitia James, who is openly flaunting the use of the most unAmerican lawfare imaginable against America’s top presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump?

A recent video has been unearthed showing the Trump-hating Senator Chuck Schumer dancing in the streets with the Trump-obsessed NY AG Letitia James, who actually campaigned on a promise to take down President Trump if she was elected.

The dirty duo isn’t simply dancing in the streets of NYC; they are dancing with a well-known communist group, The Working Families Party.

“Bad Kitty Unleashed,” a popular Twitter account that does excellent investigative work, shared the following tweet with a video showing the dirty duo living it up with their commie friends.

Letitia James and Chuck Schumer are old pals from the communist Working Families Party.

“NEW YORK – Under the theme “Make it Real” U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joined over 1,000 labor and community activists this past week in Manhattan to kick off a campaign to turnout the vote on the Working Families Party line.”


Bad Kitty Unleashed sent another tweet asking if US Senator Schumer is involved in a coup upon a US President.

He explains:

Letitia James and her contribution to the communist overthrow of the Trump presidency and election!

Her political party, the communist Workers Families Party is involved in the organized, Trump resistance. Where they must derail and destroy him no matter what it takes!

Do you think this is enough to throw her behind bars? If you ask me, this was sedition by everyone involved!

Here’s her parties agenda, being active members of the Trump Resistance:

“We could take back Congress and our state legislatures. We could block Trump’s agenda, remove him from office, and ignite a progressive revolution.”

Trump wasn’t even in office yet when this was written. GUILTY before he even started! Just like what Letitia set up for Trump!

“Even as investigations are launched into the legitimacy of the election and misconduct by Trump and his administration, Congress and the White House remain united in their support for policies that fuel racism, criminalize protest, deport thousands, eliminate health benefits for millions, overturn environmental protections, and shred the social safety net, all while securing billions of dollars in tax breaks for the wealthiest.”

Here are some more key quotes:

“The resistance is already working. As we’ll discuss in greater detail throughout this guide, creative mass protest has already derailed the agenda of Trump and the Republican Congress on multiple fronts.”

“We believe that this framework must be the cornerstone from which the resistance will grow and sustain itself against the Trump administration and the GOP.”

Also, part of the Resistance is running a Serbian Otpor coup. The trainers for the resistance were trained by the founders of the Serbian Otpor. Otpor is defined as the RESISTANCE.

Link to the Trump Resistance Guide:

Bad Kitty Unleashed provides evidence that Letitia James is a member of the Working Families Communist Party in this tweet:

Ballot Pedia reveals Letitia’s ties to the Communist Party group Working Families during her time on the NYC Council from 2004-2013.

There is evidence that George Soros is also tied to the Communist group by sharing an announcement of his special appearance as a guest speaker at their Democracy Alliance 2016 Investment Conference.

In another curious video, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who pretends to be a moderate Democrat, can be seen waving a Communist China flag while standing next to the far-left, radical NY Governor Kathy Hochul.

In the first video, which was taken in 2024, Bin Xie writes:

In 2024, leaders of pro-Chinese Communist Party Chinese-American groups stand with China’s Deputy Consul General in New York, for the playing of China’s national anthem. Wearing a red scarf indicates loyalty to the CCP. America has a massive pro-CCP Chinese Fifth Column problem.

And then, in the next video, Senator Schumer can be seen standing next to NY Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul waving a Communist China flag with the CCP national anthem was being played.

How many more RED FLAGS (quite literally) do Americans need to be beaten over the head with before they finally understand that the post-Barack Obama Democrat Party is no longer a party that believes in the value of our US Constitution or the principles and ideals so many have fought and died for in our country?

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