Author Coleman Hughes Turns the Tables and Demolishes The View’s Co-Host Sunny Hostin After She Calls Him a “Pawn” for Promoting a Colorblind Society (VIDEO)

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“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin was demolished Wednesday by writer and author Coleman Hughes after she accused him of being a “pawn” and “charlatan.”

Hughes was on “The View” to promote his book “The End Of Race Policies.” He argues in his literary work for a color-blind society centered on treating people “without regard to race.” Instead, he stresses the importance of using economics to better understand and help disadvantaged Americans.

Hughes emphasized these arguments throughout the segment. He also criticized the push on young people that “race is everything” and woke education under questioning from Whoopi Goldberg, who claimed race-based teachings were handed down to the younger generations because people like herself were never “educated” on racism.

“I think I view this notion of a colorblind society, similar to the idea of a peaceful society, which is to say it’s an ideal, it’s a North Star, said Hughes. “And the point is not that we’re never gonna get there, we’ll never touch it, but we have to know when we’re going forward and when we’re going backward, and we’re going backward when we’re doing woke kindergarten in San Francisco.”

He surprisingly received applause from the liberal audience for his politically incorrect statements.

Things were tense but civil until Hostin began her disgraceful interrogation of Hughes. Hostin, who was shocked to learn last month that her ancestors owned slaves, slammed Hughes’s commonsense and righteous advocacy as “fundamentally flawed” and falsely claimed that race is baked into socioeconomic disparity.

Hughes disagreed vehemently, saying a “Bill of Rights for the disadvantaged” based on what Dr. Martin Luther King pushed serves as a good plan to help all impoverished Americans.

Hostin proceeded to call Hughes a liar, claiming King pushed reparations while touting her friendship with King’s daughter, Bernice. She then personally attacked him as a charlatan and a pawn for conservatives.

“I think the premise is fundamentally flawed, said Hostin.” You claim that color blindness was the goal of the civil rights movement based upon Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. You know, content of character versus color of skin. Bernice, Dr. King’s daughter points out that four years after giving that speech actually, Dr. King also said this, “A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for negroes.” He also said in 1968, it was about less than a week before he was assassinated, “This country never stops to realize that they owe a people kept in slavery for 244 years.”

“So, rather than class, he did write about that earlier on,” she continued. “Right before his death, he made the argument for racial equality and racial reparations, and so your argument for color-blindness, I think, is something that the right has co-opted. And so many in the black community – if I’m being honest with you because I want to be, believe that you are being used as a pawn by the right and that you’re a charlatan of sorts.”


There are just a couple of problems: Hughes is not a conservative nor a Republican. Yet Hostin proceeded to embarrass herself by insisting he was one for the next several seconds even after RINO “The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin attempted to correct her multiple times.

Once Hughes finally got the opportunity to speak again, he turned the tables and started dominating the conversation. He stuck to his guns regarding a colorblind society and slapped down Hostin’s lies regarding him being co-opted. He also pointed out King wanted a bill of rights for a broad class-based society.

“I think it’s very important,” Hughes said. “The quote that you just pointed out about doing something special for the Negro, that’s from the book Why We Can’t Wait that I just mentioned. A couple paragraphs later he lays out exactly what that something special was and it was the bill of rights for the disadvantaged, a broad class-based policy.”

“I don’t think I’ve been co-opted by anyone,” Hughes continued. “I’ve only voted twice, both for a Democrats. Although, I’m an independent.”

“I think that’s an ad hominem tactic people use to not address, really, the important conversations we’re having here…I have an independent podcast. I work for CNN as an analyst. I write for the Free Press. I’m independent in all of these endeavors and no one is paying me to say what I’m saying. I’m saying it because I feel it.”

Hostin could barely get in more than a few words in response to Hughes’s calm evisceration before Whoopi Goldberg cut her off.

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