WATCH: Man Captures STUNNING Footage of Massive Tornado in Nebraska (VIDEO)

A video going viral on social media shows footage of a massive tornado caught on camera by a man driving a car in Nebraska.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the power and force of nature, then something like this happens to remind us all. If you live in the northeast, you may not have ever seen a tornado up close, not that that’s a bad thing.

If you stay with this footage all the way through, you’ll see a large truck that has been overturned on the highway.

Take a look:

Is that amazing, or what?

Here’s a more long-distance view of the same tornado.

There was apparently, a lot of damage.

KOLN News reports:

‘Many houses are flattened’ in Elkhorn as large tornado sweeps through

A tornado hit northwest Omaha including Elkhorn Friday afternoon and left a trail of destruction.

Omaha Fire Chief Kathy Bossman said “many houses are flattened and many houses also have significant damage.”

Fortunately no major injuries were reported but two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, according to Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer.

The Omaha Fire Department will be conducting detailed searches of the neighborhoods hit throughout the night Friday. Chief Bossman said crews are facing several obstacles including power lines down, gas leaks, unstable structures and trees down.

“We understand the impact of this event on our community.” Bossman said. “We understand numerous families are going to be devastated by the destruction of their property.”

Stay safe out there, people.

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