EXCLUSIVE: Unhinged 63-Year-Old New York Leftist with TDS Gets Rude Awakening – Is Arrested for Keying Pickup Truck with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Sticker in Florida

Richard Philip Brothers (Monroe County Sheriff’s Office)

Eff around and find out.

A 63-year-old leftist from Syracuse, New York, has been arrested in Florida after being accused of keying a pickup truck with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker that provoked his ire.

Richard Philip Brothers was arrested on March 26, 2024, after he was caught on camera keying a green Toyota Tundra in the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie supermarket in Monroe County, Florida. The incident occurred two days prior, on March 24.

According to the police report obtained by The Gateway Pundit, “Richard Brothers knowingly and intentionally used a key to scrape the paint on the victim’s vehicle. Richard admitted he did this on purpose because he saw a “Lets go Brandon” bumper sticker on the victim’s vehicle and he did not like it. Richard’s actions require the truck to be repainted which will cost approximately $3,000 to $6,000.”

Brothers was identified via security footage that captured him deliberately scratching the truck after noticing the sticker.

“I was able to identify Richard through my investigation and contacted Richard on his cell phone. Richard primarily lives in New York but owns a vacation house in Summerland Key where he agreed to meet with me. I arrived at Richard’s house and asked him if he knew what this was about, to which he said no,” Officer Lane said on his police report.

Police: “Do you remember what you did when you walked out of Wenn-Dixie to the green Toyota Tundra? What did you do to it?”

Brothers: “I scratched it.”

Police: “Why? Was it the bumper sticker? Because they’ve got a ton of security footage there, man. Okay, so I see you walking behind it, and you look over at it, and she’s got a sticker that says, ‘Let’s Go Brandon,” or something.”

Brothers: “I guess it infuriated me.”

Police: “Was that it? That’s the only reason you did it. You don’t know who owns the truck or anything?”

Brothers: “Yeah, that’s the only reason I did it.”

Police: “Mr. Brothers, here’s the unfortunate news. She wants to press charges, so I have to take you to jail, sir… It costs about 6,000. It’s a felony. When you damage someone’s property over $1,000, it’s a felony. Normally, I would get a warrant for you, but since it’s a felony and it just happened two days ago, I don’t need a warrant.”

In Florida, criminal mischief resulting in damage of 1,000 or more is classified as a third-degree felony. This can carry a sentence of up to five years in prison and a 5,000 fine, along with the obligation for the offender to provide restitution to the victim.

The owner of the truck that was keyed has decided to press charges, resulting in the swift arrest of Brothers without the need for an arrest warrant, due to the recent and severe nature of the crime. He was jailed overnight. Brothers’ wife did not appear happy about the situation. She became very angry at Richard for doing this.

Richard was arrested and transported to Key West Jail. The preliminary hearing for this case is scheduled for April 30, 2024, where Brothers will face Judge Mark Wilson in a pretrial hearing to address the charges.


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