Peter Sweden EXPOSING the WEF Agenda on OAN (Video)

Peter Sweden joins OAN.

This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at PeterSweden.com.

Watch my interview with OAN.

Recently I went on One America News to talk about the World Economic Forum agenda.

At the annual WEF meeting in Davos this year, Klaus Scwhab said that they were the “trustees of the future”.

Meanwhile, another speaker at Davos wanted to label farming and fishing as “ecocide”.

Yet another speaker at the WEF talked about how it was important to have digital ID so that they could track who has been vaccinated.

All of this was going on, yet almost nothing about it on the mainstream media.

So I am speaking out about it.

Click here to watch my video interview with OAN on Rumble:

Did you know that Bill Gates has donated a whopping $1.27 BILLION towards funding the UN Agenda 2030 “global goals”?

You see, the UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF agenda is pretty similar. But perhaps the Agenda 2030 is even more worrisome as this is an agreement that many countries have already signed on to!

A large sum of the money that was donated is going towards GLOBAL DIGITAL ID.

Have you ever wondered why you never heard anything about that in the mainstream media?

Well, Bill Gates has also donated $319 million to the mainstream media, including millions to the BBC.

Follow the money.

You can read all about that and “The New Agenda” in my earlier article here.

Independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen has dedicated years to reporting the things the mainstream media ignores. You can follow him at https://petersweden.com/

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