Sanctuary City of Chicago Arrests Over 1K Illegals from Venezuela In First Three Months of 2024

Police in the Democrat-run sanctuary city of Chicago have reportedly made more than 1,000 arrests of illegal Venezuelan nationals in the first three months of 2024.

With the new numbers, the analysis has shifted from the prior argument that illegals commit less crime to one where they commit “less violent felonies.” 

An analysis of the arrest data by The Chicago Tribune, in an article pushing the new narrative titled, “Migrant arrests are up, but they’re rarely accused of violent felonies,” tracks the increase.

According to the analysis, there were 609 arrests for driving/traffic offenses, nine violent felonies, 75 violent misdemeanors, and 313 other offenses listed as non-violent, with nine others listed as unknown or not listed.

The data does not include arrests of juveniles or anyone arrested by another agency.

Additionally, the data shows that a shoplifting surge shows a high share of Venezuelans’ arrests.

From The Chicago Tribune:

While much of the attention has focused on claims of violence, the Tribune analysis found a much higher than typical share of native Venezuelans’ arrests were for alleged thefts, particularly shoplifting or walking off without paying a tab.

The analysis found the biggest effect was seen around downtown, the heart of city retail shopping. In the past 19 months, for Loop theft arrests in which police listed the suspect’s birth country, roughly 1 in 5 were born in Venezuela.

The analysis found the biggest spike in one Loop beat in December and January, and in particular, the block that houses Macy’s flagship store on North State Street, where Chicago police arrested 76 adults in two months on theft charges. Of those with listed birth countries, more than 40% listed Venezuela. That doesn’t include an additional 95 people that Cook County sheriff’s deputies arrested there in a special shoplifting detail, roughly half of whom were native Venezuelans, according to the sheriff’s office.

Matt Christiansen has an excellent analysis of the shift in narrative:

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) recently spoke with FOX and Friends to discuss the illegal alien crime wave facing the nation today as a result of Joe Biden’s open border policies and revealed that lawmakers tried to warn Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas about the crime risk after allowing thousands of Venezuelan gang members into the country.

Nehls said he never heard back from Mayorkas.

TikTok’ influencer’ and Venezuelan illegal Leonel Moreno, who crossed the border illegally at Eagle Pass, Texas, in April 2022 on Joe Biden’s open border invitation, loved to brag on social media about how to take advantage of and openly mock Americans.

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