Left Wing Hack Stephen Colbert Defends Violent Antisemitic Campus Protests Because of Course He Does (VIDEO)

Left wing late night host Stephen Colbert used his platform this week to defend the campus protests where Jewish students are being threatened, harassed and even assaulted.

Colbert has no choice in this matter because he knows that Democrats can’t win without the support of their radical base.

He even tried to compare these protests to the campus protests during the Vietnam War. Does anyone remember Vietnam War protests that singled out Jewish people?

Besides, this isn’t about war, this is a call for a socialist revolution. They have admitted that.

Breitbart News reports:

Stephen Colbert Defends Anti-Israel Campus Protesters After Trump Praises NYPD Response

CBS’ late-night comedian Stephen Colbert defended the anti-Israel protesters who have taken over university campuses across the country after former President Donald Trump praised police in New York for their response to protesters at Columbia University.

On Tuesday’s show, Stephen Colbert said the public should support the protesters “as long as they are peaceful.” But Colbert didn’t mention that in some cases, protesters have behaved violently. At Columbia, students smashed through windows and doors to occupy Hamilton Hall.

At some schools, demonstrators have blocked other students from attending class. At George Washington University, one protester was seen with a sign saying “Final Solution” — a reference to the Nazi’s extermination of Jews.

Colbert bypassed these incidences during Tuesday’s segment.

Colbert tries to make this about the First Amendment and free speech. Taking over and occupying a campus is not free speech.

Here’s the video if you care to watch:

Colbert is planning to broadcast his show directly from the Democrat National Convention in Chicago this summer. We’ll see how much he supports this movement when they’re trying to tear down the gate to the event or try to storm the stage while he is on it.

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