Contact centers see 2024 revenue of $32.16 billion

THE Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) said it estimates a 9% increase in revenue for the contact center and business process outsourcing industries this year to $32.16 billion.

“The contact center and business process sector, along with the IT-BPM (Information Technology and Business Process Management) industry, remain optimistic and positive in terms of revenue growth through the years,” CCAP President Mickey Ocampo said in a statement on Monday.

The CCAP called the forecast conservative but in line with the industry yearly average revenue growth, citing an analysis by research firm Everest Group.

In 2023, the association’s members booked revenue of $29.5 billion, or 83% of the revenue posted by the IT-BPM industry of $35.5 billion.

In 2024, the IT-BPM industry projected revenue to increase by around 20% to $39 billion.

“The figures prove how resilient the sector has become, successfully overcoming the significant challenges that came its way, including stringent data privacy laws worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic, recessions, and now, the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI),” Mr. Ocampo said.

CCAP expects its members to post revenue of $49 billion by 2028, in line with the IT-BPM roadmap 2028, which projects industry revenue of $59 billion by that year.

CCAP said that according to industry studies, 28% of call center firms are planning to establish sites in Cavite, while 23% are planning to launch in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Other areas that are being considered for expansion by CCAP members include Rizal (21%), Batangas City (21%), Puerto Princesa (21%), Laguna (18%), Iloilo (18%), Tarlac (15%), Cebu (15%), Davao (15%), General Santos City (15%), and Bacolod City (10%). — Justine Irish D. Tabile