GOP Senator Tom Cotton Goes Off on Pro-Hamas College Agitators (VIDEO)

Republican Senator Tom Cotton was on “This Week” on ABC with host Jonathan Karl earlier on Sunday.

Senator Cotton had said that college administrators should have involved law enforcement early on rather than waiting until things got out of hand. He also said that the students participating in these encampments should be held in contempt.

“These students on campuses, they deserve our contempt. They also deserve our mockery,” Cotton said.

“Liberal administrators, and liberal politicians refused to send in the police to clear them out the very first day they set up their tents,” Cotton continued.


Senator Cotton continued saying that foreign student agitators should have their visas revoked and that Biden has not taken any action regarding that.

“Where is Joe Biden’s administration demanding that universities turn over the names of any foreign students here on a visa, revoking those visas and deporting them,” Senator Cotton said.

“We should not have tolerated this for a moment. You have Jewish students who have been assaulted on campus, Jewish students who have been told it’s not safe for you to come, go back home,” Senator Cotton continued.


Jonathan Karl had asked Senator Cotton about being Trump’s running mate. His response was that speculation over Trump’s VP choice was not helpful.

“I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to Donald Trump,” Senator Cotton said.

“Would you serve as his running mate if asked?” Karl asked.

“Jon, it’s not helpful. What Donald Trump is focused on is winning this election. What I’m focused on is helping him win and making sure Republicans win the congress,” Senator Cotton continued.


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