“He’s in Total Conflict!” – EPIC! Trump Attacks Crooked Judge Merchan Before Entering Court for Monday’s NYC Show Trial (VIDEO)

President Trump sits in crooked Judge Merchan’s courtroom in New York City on Monday May 6, 2024

CAs reported earlier, crooked far left Judge Juan Merchan threatened President Trump on Monday with contempt of court violations. Merchan also threatened to throw President Trump in prison.

The far left judge told Trump he has until 2:15 PM today to take down posts on Truth Social.

This is how communism works. The prosecution and fake news can spend thousands of hours trashing President Trump on a non-crime. But Trump is not allowed to defend himself.

This is how democracy dies.

President Trump again spoke out about Judge Merchan’s daughter who is making millions from the court proceedings in her work in liberal politics.

President Trump: As you know, they’ve taken away my constitutional rights, so I’m not allowed to answer that question. This has never happened in this country before. It’s a ridiculous thing. It’s a ridiculous case. I did nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong. Take a look at Gregg Jarrett this morning. He went on. Take a look at Andrew McCarthy or Jonathan Turley or Mark Levin. It’s like they say there’s no case here.

And yet the judges gagged me, and I’m not allowed to talk about, I guess. He’s in total conflict. The judge is totally conflicted, and you ought to take a look into it. And I’m not supposed to be talking about it, but I am allowed to say that the judge has a conflict that like nobody’s ever had before. You ought to take a look at it. He’s taken away my constitutional right to speak.

I was in Miami this weekend, and reporters are asking me questions, the same questions like you’re asking me. I have to say, I have a gag order. I can’t speak about it. This has never happened before, ever. Number one.

Number two, it’s a fake trial. They have no case, and it’s been absolutely proven now. They have no case whatsoever. This is Alvin Bragg doing it for political reasons for Biden. This is a Biden trial. He’s a crooked President.

Now, it just came out, Columbia just canceled their commencement. Via Axios. Columbia just canceled their commencement. That shouldn’t happen. And it also came out that the many of the protesters are backed by Biden’s donors. Okay, are you listening, Israel? I hope you’re listening, Israel. Hope you’re getting smart. But they’re backed by Biden donors. That’s where the money is coming from. I’m not surprised at all.

There’s many other articles, many of them having to do with the gag order and the unconstitutionality, having to do with the gag order. And it is unconstitutional and it shouldn’t be allowed. I wish people could move a little bit quicker, the appellate courts, because the whole world is watching this and they see what’s happening. More importantly, frankly, they have no case. They have absolutely no case. It’s a political hoax. It’s election interference. Anything they can do, and even the witnesses they want to bring up, they have nothing to do with the case. This is a ridiculous situation. Not fair, not fair, but we will fight. Thank you.

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