Ex-CNN Reporter “Haunted” After Learning She Had Dinner with “Closeted” and Successful Trump Supporters – Gets Torn Apart on Social Media

Credit: Michelle Kosinski/X account

A former CNN “reporter” is getting torched online for revealing her disgust after discovering she had dinner with some closeted and highly successful supporters of President Trump.

50-year-old Michelle Kosinski, who served as CNN’s White House Correspondent until 2020, took to X/Twitter on Sunday detailing a dinner she had with some American couples a few weeks back. She wrote they were highly educated and friendly until they revealed their “true MAGA natures.”

Kosinski noted her astonishment that one of the couples attended an Ivy League school but did not want their children to go to any of the Ivies and claimed they were “weird” in explaining why. Has Kosinski not been paying attention to the pro-Hamas protests on the Ivies’ college campuses and how hostile the schools are to conservatives?

Kosinski wrote she became triggered when her smart and accomplished MAGA guests mocked the idea of man-caused “climate change.” As the Gateway Pundit has reported, the corporate media refuses to accept evidence that mankind may have nothing to with the warming of the planet.

One man even had the gall to defend the 45th president after Kosinski’s friend tried to spread lies about him.

Kosinski then spoke of her conservative guests like they were lepers, warning her followers that Trump supporters’ views can come out when “you least expect them.”

The former CNN reporter concluded her rant by claiming the dinner continued to haunt her to this day and whining that “the allure of bullsh*t is co-opting decent minds.”

Trump supporters on social media completely eviscerated the clueless media leftist after reading her rant.

Contrary to liberal media belief, MAGA country consists of Americans from all walks of life. One can find Trump supporters in blue-collar professions such as the trucking business but also at white-collar law firms.

Moreover, Trump in 2020 put together the most racially diverse coalition of voters for a Republican since George W. Bush in 2004. Now he is polling better than ever among black, Hispanic, and younger voters.

If Trump wins in November, this historic shift will prove a significant reason why. And liberals like Kosinski will break out in tears like they did after the 2016 election.

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