MSNBC Analyst Shocked as Independent Voters Turn Biden’s Biggest Talking Point Against Him in New Poll

Nothing can shock an MSNBC analyst like the idea that the American people are paying attention.

On the leftist network on Wednesday, host Ana Cabrera brought up the findings of a poll last week that found independent voters think President Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump.

Considering what Biden’s Justice Department and his political party have been up to lately, that would be a fairly easy conclusion to draw — but not so easy for Cabrera’s guest.

Cabrera cited a poll by NPR/PBS NewsHour (hotbeds of right-wing thinking) that found that 53 percent of independent voters think Biden’s re-election would “weaken our democracy.”

Only 42 percent said the same thing about Trump’s return to the White House.

“I find it shocking, honestly. I can’t make sense of that number. I wish I could,” analyst Susan Del Percio told Cabrera, appearing to be completely baffled.


“I wish I could have some really great insight to it, but I don’t know if it’s an outlier or not, because the other numbers with independents and Biden are going in the right direction,” she said. “So, that may be it.”

Now, first, it’s worth noting that Del Percio is billed as a “Republican strategist” — so Republican that she took a $160,000-a-year job as a “special advisor” to New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2014-15, as the New York Post reported at the time. (She publicly repented of it after Cuomo’s sexual harassment problems got too big to ignore.)

Second, it’s worth reiterating that this is MSNBC, a network that has dedicated itself to attacking Trump ever since he rode down the escalator in 2015 to announce his campaign for the presidency.

This is the network of “Morning Joe” Scarborough and his Trump-hating wife; the television home of the racist Joy Reid and the rabidly anti-Trump Rachel Maddow.

So, it’s clear that lucid objectivity isn’t exactly a hiring point — not for MSNBC anchors, hosts or contributors.

Del Percio is looking for some “great insight” into the poll’s findings? Maybe this will help.

It’s fair to say that Biden himself — with the assistance of the establishment media — has made the “defense of democracy” line his biggest talking point. Virtually since taking office, his administration has claimed that Trump supporters and elected Republicans who support the “Make America Great Again” agenda are a threat to the American system of government.

It’s been a theme of coverage of the 2024 campaign in liberal media outlets since Biden’s re-election effort began in earnest in 2022, when The New York Times, for example, headlined a report “Biden Puts Defense of Democracy at Center of Agenda, at Home and Abroad.”

The hard reality, obvious to even a mildly objective observer, is that for all its talk about “saving democracy,” it’s the Biden administration that has spent three years proving it’s the real danger to American freedoms.

It’s the Biden administration that has used its ties to Big Tech to squelch dissent and that has used law enforcement powers against American citizens exercising their rights of free speech.

And it’s the Biden Justice Department and the Democratic Party that supports it that are, in real time, engaging in an unprecedented act of political persecution under cover of law in the form of trumped-up criminal charges against the country’s leading opposition figure.

Progressives who love to preach about the dangers of Russian President Vladimir Putin are doing a bang-up job following his lead when it comes to power politics.

And social media users noticed:

The absurdity of Del Percio’s point is even more evident when she ended by telling Cabrera that Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan should be televised to increase its impact on voters.

It was an admission that the Democratic Party needs its criminal cases against the former president to win over the average American. And maybe, if Del Percio could put her thinking cap on, she might see that voters can see what’s happening, too.

What Democrats, the mainstream media and the hack leftists at MSNBC refuse to acknowledge is that when they’re prosecuting Trump, they’re persecuting his supporters, not only battling them politically — which is understandable — but bringing in the powers of federal and state governments to smother them legally.

That’s not democracy, it’s authoritarianism, and it’s a festering weed that’s growing in the rank shadows of the Biden administration.

Republican voters can see that, of course. What the poll showed is that a majority of independents can see it too.

And an MSNBC analyst is shocked?

She must not be paying attention. Americans are.

The election in November is going to prove how much.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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