Victor Reacts: Charges Dropped Against Hundreds of Illegals (VIDEO)

Charges against hundreds of illegal aliens have been dropped by a Democratic judge thanks to the magic of a “bureaucracy filing error.”

The Gateway Pundit reports:

On March 21, 2024, hundreds of illegal aliens from Africa, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela made a mad rush for the border in El Paso, Texas after they were pushed south of the concertina wire in the middle of the night by the National Guard.

The illegals breached the concertina wire, tore down the fencing, overwhelmed National Guard members, and made a mad rush into the United States.

On Thursday FOX News reported that the 211 illegal aliens who were charged with rioting and destruction of property had their charges dropped by County Court Judge Ruben Morales.

Judge Ruben Morales is a Democrat judge from El Paso County.

FOX News reported: “Griff Jenkins: Fox News confirms El Paso County Court Judge Ruben Morales dismissed 211 cases against migrants charged with rioting at the border on March 21, seen in that video by the New York Post attempting to push their way into the US. Now Judge Morales says he lacked jurisdiction because the district attorney’s office failed to provide a required conferring transfer order to move the misdemeanor cases from district court to county court. But district Attorney Bill Hicks said just moments ago he felt the process was done appropriately and he intends to appeal the judge’s order dismissing the cases.”

Isn’t it interesting how Democrat judges will find magical “bureaucratic filing errors” when it helps hundreds of illegal aliens, yet conservatives have the book thrown at them for looking the wrong way.


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