Prince Harry Made King Charles Choose Between Him and Queen Camilla – Mudslinging in His ‘Spare’ Memoir May Have Scarred Their Relation for Good

The endless misadventures of the Windsor Royal Family continue to fascinate the United Kingdom and the world.

Their life of super privilege and their burden of living the most private pains under the public eye make them quite unique.

(And of course let’s not even get into the multiple allegations of sex crimes and influence peddling targeting Prince Andrew.)

The issue of the moment in the trials and tribulations of the Windsor dynasty is, of course, the rift between King Charles and his estranged son Harry.

I was moved a few weeks ago to summarize the situation in the style of a wicked fairy-tale:

“Once upon a time, there was a British King called Charles who waited decades to ascend to the throne. When he finally did, his younger son, the Duke of Sussex, published a ‘memoir’ airing some of the family’s dirty laundry, and the writer of said book accused the King and the Princess of Wales of being racists towards the Duke’s son. Both the elderly King and the Princess fell ill with Cancer right after this. The End.”

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There have now been confirmation by ‘a close confidante of the royal family’ about the reason why Harry didn’t meet up with King Charles in his recent London visit.

The Duke of Sussex celebrated the 10th anniversary of his charity the Invictus Games.

Harry’s spokesperson said he would not be meeting with his estranged father due to the king’s ‘full schedule.

New York Post reported:

“Now, a friend of the Firm has claimed that Harry ‘forced’ his estranged father to choose between the Duke and his wife, Queen Camilla — ultimately widening the rift even further.

‘Harry has made things very difficult for himself by saying such cruel and hurtful things about Camilla. Charles loves his sons, but he also loves his wife. The last few months have made it very clear how important she is; she has been the one propping up the whole edifice’.

Harry has made it very clear, very publicly, that he despises her,” the insider added. ‘He has forced Charles to choose, which was a very silly thing to do because Camilla and he both chose each other a long time ago’.”

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In his train-wreck memoir ‘Spare’, Harry called Camilla ‘dangerous’ and ‘the villain’.

It struck one as a juvenile over-attachment to the image of his late mother Lady Diana Spencer, and part of Harry’s relentless undermining of his newly enthroned father’s reign.

The estranged son also claimed that his stepmother leaked stories about the royal family to the media ‘to maintain her image and boost her popularity’.

So, when it was reported last week that father and son did not happen because Harry ‘made certain demands’, everyone knew what the issue was.

“I think the reason was because Harry made certain demands about who could be in the room and who couldn’t. Although on the surface it looks like a snub, Harry made it very difficult for his father.”

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Harry’s memoir probably scarred his relation with his father for life.

“In ‘Spare’, Harry wrote, ‘I have complex feelings about gaining a step-parent who I thought had recently sacrificed me on her personal P.R. altar’.

He said that meeting Camilla — referred to as the ‘other woman’ in his book — was like an ‘injection’, writing, ‘Close your eyes and you won’t even feel it’.”

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