“This Guy Who Can’t Even Walk Over Here – And Sh*ts His Pants Every Now and Then?” – Aaron Rodgers Destroys Old Joe Biden in His Must-See Interview with Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson sits down with Aaron Rodgers for an interveiw and IT’S EPIC!

NFL star Aaron Rodgers sat with Tucker Carlson for an extended two-hour interview that was released on Tuesday.

The New York Giants quarterback dished about vaccines, pharmaceutical companies, government corruption and Joe Biden as President.

The discussion got really interesting when Aaron Rodgers started talking about Joe Biden sh*tting his pants.

The entire interview is well worth your time – but this segment was particularly entertaining!

Aaron Rodgers: You did one of the most controversial, somehow, not to me, most controversial interviews in the last, I don’t know how long, when you went to Russia and did Putin. How did it feel coming back? Because anybody who watched the interview was like, number one, it was f*cking awesome. Number two, Putin came off as an interesting, thoughtful, smart individual.

And if you’ve read 1984, the game plan of government control is you have to have an enemy, and you have to slander that enemy regardless if you know anything about them. And I think a lot of people are like, “Oh, Putin apologists are like, whitewashing all the stuff that he’s done to the different people.” And I was just like, “No, I’d love to see Joe Biden give an interview where he can speak on the history of the United States in the same way that Putin talked about the history of his country.”

Tucker Carlson: I’d love to see Biden do an interview where he shows how to operate a microwave, and I don’t think that’s going to happen. And by the way, Biden won’t do interviews, and neither will Zelensky so far…

…I thought he was an interesting guy, smart guy, impressive guy, in some ways, obviously a lot more impressive than Joe Biden, But he’s Russian, and he runs Russia, and I’m American, and I live in America, so I care about my country. I want my leaders to be better. I’m not on Putin’s side. I don’t have any emotional attachment to any foreign country because I’m not a foreigner. I’m an American, and this is the only country I care about. But for the record, yeah, I thought people can watch it and assess for themselves.

Aaron Rodgers: And they should. It’s a fascinating interview.

Tucker Carlson: But the idea that you shouldn’t be allowed to do that is so crazy to me. I’m just not going to submit to that.

Aaron Rodgers: Like being canceled by the people who have just bowed down and given interviews from their knees to the Zelenskyy’s of the world.

Tucker Carlson: Gargling as they interview, yes. It’s wild.

Aaron Rodgers: As this guy comes over in f*cking in an outfit you’d wear to the store on a Sunday morning to ask the Congress for another $100 billion is f*cking wild.

Tucker Carlson: He looks like he’s going to be in the Village People music video. It’s like it’s saying the whole thing. It’s – That’s what I’m saying. You do wonder that and a million other things going on right now. You wonder if they’re seeing how far they can push the population until someone starts laughing. Like, are you joking?

Aaron Rodgers: It feels like that sometimes. What if we did this? Is anybody going to give a shit? No? Okay, now let’s try this one here. We’re going to put Joe Biden up and do this. Wait, what? This guy who can’t even walk over here? And sh*ts his pants every now and then?


The full interview is here at Tucker Carlson’s X page.

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