LIVE UPDATES FROM INSIDE TRUMP TRIAL: TGP Contributor Paul Ingrassia Reports from Inside New York Court Room

President Donald Trump is back in court today for Alvin Bragg’s show trial in New York City.

The prosecution has yet to define the alleged criminal act that President Trump committed.

Former Trump Attorney and serial liar Michael Cohen will be grilled by the defense today after his questionable testimony earlier this week.

The Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Ingrassia is attending the ongoing show trial today in New York City today.

Paul is pictured here outside of the court room today with Andrew Giuliani before the show trial this morning.

Paul Ingrassia: is in line before the New York City Show Trial this morning.

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: Matt Gaetz and other members of Congress expected to join President Trump in the courthouse today.

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Trump motorcade currently on its way to the courtroom. The lines outside the courthouse today were the longest they have been at any point during this trial, as the press and public anticipate seeing continuation of Michael Cohen’s cross examination today by Trump attorney Todd Blanche.

Paul Ingrassia: BREAKING: @laurenboebert also spotted in the courthouse today for President Trump’s trial.

Paul Ingrassia: Matthew Colangelo, former #3 at the DOJ, was assigned by Biden to work in Bragg’s office specifically to work on this prosecution against Trump. They like to refer to Bragg as a “rogue” D.A., but his actions are revealing: he is marching to the beat of the drum of Merrick Garland and Joe Biden — and the Colangelo contact makes that explicit. Any other criminal proceeding with these kinds of conflicts and prejudice would’ve resulted in a mistrial.

Paul Ingrassia: Judge Merchan continues to disrespect the office of the President by referring to the defendant as “Mr. Trump.”

Paul Ingrassia: There has been a long gap before the commencement of the day’s proceedings. Judge Merchan was deliberating with counsel for both parties and jurors for about forty five minutes. Merchan just announced that court might be in session next Wednesday, indicating that this trial will likely drag on for quite some time.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche, in cross-examination, asking Cohen about text messages exchanged between him and Detective Rosenberg. Prosecutors objected to some of the inquiries. There is a long pause and further delay now in the proceeding.

Paul Ingrassia: Anecdotally, Merchan noticeably allows more objections from Prosecution of Blanche’s cross-examination. Merchan overruled basically every single objection by the Trump Defense during the questioning of witnesses Pecker, Hicks, and Daniels.

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche pressing Cohen right now if he knew about President Trump’s indictment before publication by the NY Times. Cohen claims he learned about it through an article published by the NY Times. Blanche attempting to pin down in Cohen’s testimony whether he had prior notice via Det. Rosenberg, or only found out through the NY Times. Cohen claims he only found out through NY Times.

Paul Ingrassia: Cohen being questioned about his CNN appearance and other television appearances he made with Joy Reid while indictment was still under seal. At the time, Cohen was being told by Manhattan D.A.’s office not to appear on television. Cohen appeared on his “Mea Culpa podcast,” on March 30, 2023, wherein he discussed the indictment. Cohen testified that he did. Blanche trying to get Cohen to admit that he had knowledge of the indictment before publication by the NY Times.

Paul Ingrassia: On a recording of the Mea Culpa podcast now being played in court, Cohen said D.A.’s investigation filled him with “delight” and “sadness” at the same time. The “sadness,” in the words of Cohen on the podcast recording, was because of how the investigation and booking process tarnished the office of the Presidency. Cohen clearly conveyed animus towards Trump, and a desire to drag Trump through the mud in order to subject him to a similar process that he went through with his own prosecution. Cohen on podcast: “I truly f*cking hope to put Trump through prison … I want this man to go down.”

Paul Ingrassia: Blanche gets Cohen to testify that Cohen has and continues to call President Trump vicious derogatory names up to and throughout the present trial. Cohen testified to referring to Trump as “dumbass Donald,” on his podcast. On his TikTok, Cohen testified to saying he had “excitement” that trial was starting on April 21st of this year. Cohen testified he made these statements despite having full knowledge at the time that a paralegal from the D.A.’s office was assigned to monitor his social media. Despite that fact, it was not a deterrent for Cohen, which Cohen testified to.

Paul Ingrassia: Cohen testified that he was — and remains — under oath so long as he is on the witness stand, a multiday process. Blanche grills Cohen to testify that while under oath he’s met with federal agents over a dozen times. Cohen testifies he knows it was a felony to make a false statement to a federal agent during this questioning, while he remained under oath.

Paul Ingrassia: Cohen testifies to having lied under oath in previous 2017 testimony to Congress. Cohen testified he lied about the “Moscow project,” in response to Todd Blanche’s questioning. Also lied about number of times he spoke to President Trump, and for lying about traveling to Russia.

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