GASLIGHTING: Gavin Newsom Boasts Lawless California is The ‘National Model’ on Solving Homelessness

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is either delusional or gaslighting people. Or both.

Speaking at an event this week to announce a $3.3 billion fund to help California tackle homelessness, Newsom boasted that his state served as a “national model” for solving the issue.

“The state of California saw a decline in veteran’s homelessness,” said Newsom. “We have a national model.”

In March, California voters approved Proposition 1, which aims to expand mental health treatment to those living on the streets as well as provide housing for those at risk of becoming homeless.

“What Proposition 1 did is that it reinforced that model, provided more resources to advance that model, and we’re very excited to get those dollars to work,” Newsom explained.

He continued:

Five years ago, there was no homeless strategy, no homeless plan. The state of California was not involved in these issues. To be fair, there was a half-a-billion appropriation that went out to the cities and counties with no accountability, no oversight, and no measured results – that was the first time the state put in a few bucks.

We had a mental health services act… but it outlived the world we’re living in. We were listless, and it was pretty self-evident. The cities and counties were overwhelmed by what was happening on the streets and sidewalks. We said, we need to do more as a state. The cities and counties cannot do this alone… It’s about more than just money, it’s about resourcefulness, it’s about doing things that we were precluded from doing.

Despite his boastful rhetoric, California is widely acknowledged to have the most serious homelessness problem in the entire country, with many areas more reminiscient of an apocalyptic film than one of the wealthiest places on earth.

An audit carried out last month found that the state has spent a staggering $24 billion on homeless programs only for the problem to keep getting worse. There are currently an estimated 180,000 homeless people across the state, amounting to a 53 percent rise over the past decade.


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