Democrat MA Town That Voted Overwhelmingly for Joe Biden Furious They Got What They Voted For 

Norfolk, Massachusetts’ Bay State Correctional Center

Norfolk, Massachusetts’ 11,500 residents voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden in 2020.

Now, residents are up in arms that they are getting exactly what they voted for.

The state announced it is refurbishing the Massachusetts Bay State Correctional Center in Norfolk, which formerly served as a minimum-security dorm-like facility. The move will alleviate the hundreds of illegals currently camped out at Boston’s Logan International Airport and provide housing for six to twelve months.

Illegals camping at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

But residents are not happy that Biden’s border crisis is coming to their backyard.

On Wednesday, during a Select Board meeting,  around 300 residents attended the meeting to share their concerns about the influx of illegals into their town and expressed frustration that they were left in the dark about the plans.

Residents also demanded answers on how the move would impact community services, including schools, emergency services, and the overall town budget.

Fox News reports:

“Let’s face it, we don’t want it here. We don’t,” resident John Semas said, according to GBH.

“And, it doesn’t make us bad people, it doesn’t make me not compassionate, it doesn’t make me a bad father.” Semas was among a small group of people donning shirts and placards that read “Save Norfolk: No Shelter,” the publication reports.


At Wednesday’s meeting, resident Lauren Vives said the shelter could bring a financial burden to the town, which only has two elementary schools, one ambulance, a small police and fire department and no grocery store.

“The proposition to increase our town’s population by 4% overnight is preposterous,” Vivas said, according to GBH. She said that the plan shows “a lack of respect” for the town.


The Gateway Pundit reported that Massachusetts Democrat Governor Maura Healey approved hundreds of millions in new spending for illegal immigrants, even as people are fleeing the state for greener pastures in early May.

In April, state Democrats ensured state residents knew precisely who they prioritize.

A bill in the Massachusetts House of Representatives aimed at prioritizing U.S. military veterans for shelter assistance over illegal immigrants was defeated.

The bill, known as “Homeless Veterans Prioritization for Shelter Assistance,” was rejected by a 27-129 vote. The majority of Democrats opposed it, while all 25 House Republicans, along with two Democrats, supported it.

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