Prince Harry Turned Down King Charles’ Offer To Stay on a Royal Residence During London Visit Because of Ongoing Dispute Over Taxpayer-Funded Security: REPORT

Dysfunctional families are a fact of life.

But when we’re talking about one of the most powerful and consequential families in the Western world, all the drama and bickering rise above the tabloid-level irrelevancy to a sphere of geopolitical importance.

And that’s precisely the case with the British Royals from the House of Windsor.

King Charles III waited 70 years to take the British throne, but 15 months after ascending to the throne he was diagnosed with cancer. How’s that for drama?

Meanwhile, his disgruntled son Prince Harry, the Duke of Essex, is a constant pain in the Royal neck.

Harry’s charities? Harry and Meghan’s Charity Declared ‘Delinquent’ in California, Must Stop Spending and Fundraising Immediately. Or else Prince Harry’s Charity in Africa Accused of Widespread Torture and Rape.

Earlier in the month, we had this: Prince Harry Goes to London for His Charity Invictus Games’ 10-Year Celebration – But Despite His Reaching Out, King Charles and Prince William Seem To Be Ignoring Him.

Harry’s team let out this: ‘TOO BUSY’: King Charles Snubs Prince Harry’s Presence in London and Will NOT Meet Him.

A more complete picture started to appear with this: King Charles Snubbed Prince Harry and Decided NOT To Meet Him After His Son Insisted That Queen Camilla Not Be in the Room: REPORT.

And now, the Mail suggests that the real story of the father-son non-meeting was the inverse of what was first divulged.

Daily Mail reported:

“Prince Harry turned down an invitation by the King to stay at a royal residence when he visited the UK earlier this month because he had ‘security concerns’, it has been claimed.

He is said to have declined his father’s offer because it did not come with any taxpayer-funded personal security provision, which would leave him staying in a ‘visible location with public entrance and exit points and no police protection’.”

Everyone – including me – was left wondering why Harry would stay at a Hotel. Now we know: he chose to.

Allegedly because it meant he ‘could come and go unseen’, but possibly out of sheer spite.

Harry is still up in arms about the withdrawal of his automatic right to police protection.

So it seems Harry put out the version of being keen to meet the King but that he was ‘too busy’ to see him to provoke his father.

“It has since become clear that while His Majesty did indeed have a packed program of engagements that week, the King had made conciliatory overtures that would have enabled him to see his son. In all Harry spent three nights in the capital without seeing any family members before meeting his wife, Meghan, at Heathrow airport and flying onto Nigeria for a quasi-royal tour.

The prince has since accused the Home Office of subjecting him to ‘unlawful and unfair treatment’ and claims he has been singled out and treated ‘less favorably’ than other family members as ‘punishment’.”

Harry ‘does not feel safe’ bringing his wife and children to the UK ‘under the current arrangements’.

“The prince has only been permitted police protection when taking part in royal events, such as the late Queen’s funeral, or when he was transported to meet the King from Heathrow in February after his cancer diagnosis.”

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