Update: Final Attempt for Bond for J6er Jake Lang-No Answer from Court Yet

For the past 1224 days, J6 political prisoner Jake Lang has been held by the Biden DOJ without a trial.  He has been denied bond twice already.

Yesterday was his third and final attempt to be freed to prepare an ample defense for trial.

At court yesterday, Jake Lang, his legal team from Metcalf & Metcalf and attorney Anthony Sabatini engaged in intense legal arguments for nearly two hours.

DOJ Federal Prosecutors Karen Rochlin and Craig Estes sought to keep Lang indefinitely on pre-trial detention.

According to Federal Law, “Liberty is the norm,” and only in the most extreme circumstances does a defendant remain incarcerated, in accordance with the new Bail Reform Act (B.R.A).

Lang and his legal team argued that B.R.A. clearly states that there must be a “clear, articulable threat that the defendant portrays to his community or individuals”; in other words, holding someone on pre-trial detention indefinitely for 3 1/2 years cannot be based solely on an assumption of future violent behavior – there has to be a definitive threat they impose on someone.

While career criminals, carjackers, and the illegal aliens that curb stomp NYPD officers are given preferential treatment and released on bail/bond,  Lang and other January 6 Political Prisoners are selectively prosecuted with misconstrued and overly broadly applied and weaponized Federal Law statutes like the 20 year Felony charge of 1512 Obstruction of Congress.

Judge Carl J Nichols ended the Bond Hearing by saying he was taking the motion under consideration and will respond via a written decision “sometime in the near future.”

Mr. Nichols has already denied Lang’s bond (who has no prior criminal record) twice.

Jake has remained imprisoned for 1224 days since January 16, 2021, when the FBI raided his home in Newburgh, NY.

Lang hopes to have Jake the opportunity to prepare a robust defense at home before his trial on September 9th, 2024, although his trial date has already been canceled and moved four times.

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