Victor Reacts: Common Sense Comeback! 25 States Now Ban Child Sex Change (VIDEO)

Common sense, which was once thought to be extinct, may be making a come back as South Carolina becomes the 25th state in the union to protect children from the insanity of genital mutilation.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has signed a bill banning sex change surgeries and hormones for minors.

House Bill 4624, dubbed the “Help not Harm” bill by legislators, prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from receiving sex change surgery or any form of puberty blockers or hormones.

The Associated Press reports that the bill also requires school principals or vice principals “to notify parents or guardians if a child wanted to use a name other than their legal one, or a nickname or pronouns that did not match their sex assigned at birth.”

“I signed the Help Not Harm bill into law, which protects our state’s children from irreversible gender transition procedures and bans public funds from being used for them,” McMaster wrote in a statement posted to X on Wednesday. “I look forward to joining legislators and supporters at a ceremonial bill signing in the Upstate next week.”

The law took effect immediately upon being signed by the governor.

There are a few exceptions, such as for children with certain medical conditions that cause them to enter into premature puberty.
This legislation is pure common sense. Children cannot consent and they certainly cannot consent to having their bodies permanently mutilated. The only question now is where are the other 25 states and why do they seem to believe that a child can consent?

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