Angry Muslims Step Up ‘Abandon Biden’ Campaign Across Nine Swing States, Seek to Make Democrats ‘Pro-Palestinian Party’

Angry Muslims have launched an “Abandon Biden” campaign” across nine different states as tensions continue to rise over America’s support for Israel.

According to a report from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the campaign is being led by human rights Professor Hassan Abdel Salam, who recently retired from teaching classes on global Islamophobia to launch a campaign against Biden’s re-election.

Despite being an opponent of the former president, Salam has indicated that he does not mind if Trump wins the presidency as a result of his efforts.

The Tribune reports:

Abdel Salam, 48, is among a group of Muslim activists, including several Minnesotans, who are organizing in nine swing states in opposition to Biden’s re-election. The group’s leaders say they want to politically punish the president for what they describe as enabling mass civilian casualties in Gaza.

They say they oppose Donald Trump, too, but are OK if their efforts help re-elect the former president who once banned Muslims from the United States and threatens to do it again.

“By defeating [Biden], it would signal to the entire political landscape that defending genocide could lead to your defeat, so beware,” Abdel Salam said. “That’s my goal … promote the message throughout the nation and ensure it’s a consistent one.”

He said he and other Abandon Biden leaders are evaluating third-party candidates and plan to make an endorsement this summer. And if Trump wins because of their work, “the big gift that would come out of punishing the president is that an entire party … becomes a pro-Palestinian party against the occupation and will begin to look for equity much more aggressively than we have in the past,” Abdel Salam said.

In what could be great news for the Trump campaign, the Abandon Biden campaign is even targeting swing states where Muslims could determine the outcome of the election.

With the Israel-Hamas war in its eighth month and after several hundred thousand Americans have voted “uncommitted” in Democratic primaries, Abandon Biden is zeroing in on states with closer margins where Muslims in some cases can potentially swing a tight general election.

While those states have their own leaders and campaign infrastructure, Minnesota Muslim leaders, including Abdel Salam, account for 3 of 5 board members of the national organization. The other Minnesotans are healthcare professional Sadia Tarannum and Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Hussein said Minnesota has about 50,000 Muslim voters, well short of the 233,012-vote margin by which Biden bested Trump in the state in 2020. Hussein said he believes that there’s just a 30% chance of succeeding here. But he said chances are good in states where Biden had much smaller winning margins: Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin. Hussein said the Abandon Biden group is also focusing on Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

The report adds further weight to the view that the conflict in the Middle East may tip the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

While Republicans overwhelmingly stand with Israel, many on the left of the Democratic Party are also disgusted with the Biden regime, with many accusing him of enabling genocide against the Palestinian people over his lukewarm support for Israel.

According to the latest RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump holds a 1.1 point lead over Biden nationally, while leading him by higher margins across most of the important swing states.

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