Fever Coach Christie Sides Destroys the Greatest Basketball Scorer of All Time – Takes Down Caitlin Clark and the WNBA League in 7 Games – Bravo, Christie! Bravo!

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Indiana Coach Christie Sides pulls out Caitlin Clark and lectures her on the sideline before benching her. Sides wanted to make sure everyone in the arena knows whose boss as she humiliated Clark before her fans.

Question: How do you take the greatest scorer in college history, men or women, and destroy her confidence and career in seven games or less? And how do you also manage to bring down an entire professional sports league at the same time?

Answer: Ask Christie Sides.

Indiana Fever coach Christie Sides has never had a winning record and finished dead last year in the WNBA. Now, her goal is to not only bring down Caitlin Clark and her team – that’s not enough. Christie Sides is going to single-handedly destroy the WNBA’s one chance to become a profitable sports league. And it only took seven games.

Let’s hope the girls were not getting used to those charter flights!

It is clear that Coach Sides never watched a Caitlin Clark game in her life when she was in college at the University of Iowa and broke every single scoring record imaginable. And while she was at it, Clark also managed to chalk up the most assists of any player in college in her final year.


On Saturday night, after the Indiana Fever’s first win this year on Friday night, Coach Sides finally put Clark in her place. The greatest scorer of all time only took 8 shots the entire game. Christie was pleased. Christie knows best.

Caitlin Clark has filled EVERY SINGLE ARENA this year where she has played. Fans filled arenas in New York, Seattle, Indiana, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas to see Caitlin Clark – and to see Caitlin Clark shoot.

But that is not Christie Sides’ vision for Caitlin Clark. Christie wants Caitlin Clark to pass the ball and sit on the bench.

Coach Christie told reporters she wants to remake Caitlin into a two-point shooter. Christie knows what is best for Caitlin and the game and the league.

Coach Christie believes the Indiana offense should revolve around Kelsey Mitchell, a ball hog who believes she is the magic on the team and never, ever passes to Caitlin Clark, and Aliyah Boston who shoots below 50% on layups.

Coach Sides wants Clark to know her place. She is going to make sure Caitlin Clark does not shoot in the games. Maybe at practice – but not in the games

Of course, the WNBA brass has no clue that Christie Sides just destroyed their star player and alienated the fans who love her.

Christie knows best.

On Saturday Caitlin Clark’s former coach Linda Bruder was in the crowd at the arena. It would be very interesting to hear what Bruder thought of Coach Sides and her plans for Caitlin Clark.

Christie Sides is destroying Caitlin Clark.

There’s a reason Coach Phil Jackson is considered one of the greatest coaches of all time. He let Michael Jordan be Michael Jordan.

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