Convicted Perjurer Michael Cohen Celebrates Trump’s Guilty Verdict

Credit: Getty Images

Convicted perjurer, thief, and disgraced former personal attorney to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, publicly celebrated the guilty verdict against Trump, who was convicted on 34 felony counts of Alvin Bragg’s rigged trial.

“Guilty On All Counts! #TeamCohen,” Cohen posted on social media platform X, moments after the verdict, celebrating what many Americans see as a miscarriage of justice.

In a separate post, Cohen wrote, “Today is an important day for accountability and the rule of law.”

He added, “While it has been a difficult journey for me and my family, the truth always matters. I want to thank my attorneys Danya Perry for her invaluable guidance and support throughout this process.”

This celebration by Cohen was seen by many Americans as nothing short of hypocritical, given his history of legal troubles and credibility issues. In 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to several charges including tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations — crimes that involved lying under oath.

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