DEVELOPING: Alex Jones Claims Feds in the Process to Illegally Seize InfoWars Studios — “Feds Attempting To Shut Down Infowars Tonight!” (VIDEO)

Alex Jones is hosting a live emergency broadcast this Saturday. (Screenshot: InfoWars)

Alex Jones, the host and founder of InfoWars, claims during a live emergency broadcast Saturday that the federal government is orchestrating a forceful takeover of his broadcasting studios.

According to Jones, federal agents could put locks on the doors and liquidate all broadcasting assets. Jones alleges that he even spent the night in his studio and has prepared to involve local law enforcement to prevent what he describes as an unlawful raid on his property.

In a video posted Friday with the caption, “BREAKING! INFOWARS May Be Shutdown in 48 Hours,” Jones said, “The deep state thinks they’re taking down Trump. And hours after they have their false conviction, they’re making their move to shut down InfoWars right now.”

Jones has been vocal about the attacks on his platform over the past six years including de-platforming, deep state interference, and rigged trials. Despite these challenges, InfoWars has managed to survive due to overwhelming public support. However, Jones warns that this latest assault could be the final blow.

“I learned at 4:00 PM today, just a few hours ago, that Infowars was going to be shut and closed tonight. We have hired security here, a private contractor. They were told, ‘Get ready to close the doors, change the locks, and InfoWars is going to be shut down,’” Jones said Friday.

“I learned about this and said, ‘Well, I’m going to go expose this. I’m going to talk about this. This is all having the bankruptcy. It’s not the court doing it.’ I’ll reveal who’s behind it soon. And so I made some phone calls and did some things. They said, ‘Okay, we’ll back off for now if you do X, Y, and Z.’ I don’t believe anything I’m being told. So when I tell you that this could be the last show I ever do from Infowars, 50% chance. There’s a 50% chance this has what’s happening right now,” he added.

“We may be shut down [Saturday]. And this is where we are right now. And it is so horrible. It is so disgusting. And it’s because we’re viable. It’s because we’re hard to kill. It’s because we keep coming back. We don’t give up, and we’re not going to give up. This will not be a victory for them, shutting this place down,” Jones said.

In these uncertain times, Jones is asking for support from his followers. He has urged them to continue supporting InfoWars and his father’s company, drjonesnaturals.com.

“We are under global attack, just like President Trump. And you should donate to him. He’s raised like $60 million in the last 24 hours. That’s great. And get behind Trump 100 %. But the main satellite attack fleets, the main frigates supporting the capital ship, the mother ship, the flagship, we need your support.”


Alex Jones is hosting a live emergency broadcast this Saturday to discuss the Deep State’s final push to shut down InfoWars, amid reports that authorities plan to lock up the studio doors tonight.


This should not come as a surprise. Last month, a CIA officer/former FBI official was on an undercover video boasting about using the might of the federal government to ‘jail anyone’ by ‘setting them up.’

Gavin O’Blennis, a Contracting Officer for the CIA told an undercover journalist with Sound Investigations that the FBI “can put anyone in jail…set ’em up!”

“We call it a nudge,” O’Blennis said, adding the FBI can put “problematic” right-wing journalists like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones in jail.

O’Blennis said of Infowars founder Alex Jones: The FBI “took his money away,” and ‘chopped his legs off.’

Alex Jones stated that he had previously been aware of a CIA-FBI-led Deep State operation targeting him, which was revealed during a court case in Connecticut where it emerged that the FBI was involved, advising the operation.

“It came out in court in Connecticut in the staged trial where the judge already found me guilty that the FBI was a party to it and was advising them and going through all the discovery, trying to find something to put me in jail,” Jones told Steve Bannon in an interview.

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