Biden Campaign Spokesman: Donald Trump is a Threat Joe Biden Will End “Once and For All” (VIDEO)

Credit: FOX News

A member of Joe Biden’s campaign team went on television today and made an unhinged statement that could be construed as a nasty threat against President Trump.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, a rigged New York City jury convicted Trump on ALL 34 COUNTS in Alvin Bragg and corrupt Judge Juan Merchan’s lawfare case Thursday afternoon.

This outrageous travesty of justice was made possible by the Biden regime. They sicced Michael Colangelo, who previously worked in the Justice Department, to NYC to collude with Bragg to convict Trump on non-existent crimes.

The Biden campaign then openly celebrated the verdict and released a statement begging for donations following the success of their sinister operation.

Junior Biden campaign spokesman Michael Tyler appeared on Fox News’s MediaBuzz to discuss the garbage Trump verdict and his boss’s reaction to it. After whining that the 2024 Presidential Election was not a normal one because of Trump’s supposed threat to democracy, he stated that Joe Biden will end the threat of Donald Trump “once and for all.”

While some will say Tyler was speaking from a political standpoint, Trump supporters might draw a different conclusion.


TYLER: This is not a normal election, Donald Trump has already demonstrated he is not a normal candidate. He is a fundamental, persistent, and growing threat to our democracy.

And is Joe Biden is running to make sure we end that threat once and for all.

Imagine if a Trump campaign spokesperson had said something similar. Not only would the corporate press have raked that person over the coals, but the FBI would also likely get involved.

Veiled threats against Trump and his supporters, however, are not only tolerated but celebrated.

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