Too Little, Too Late-Biden Regime Preparing to Announce Executive Action at Border

Photo courtesy of Senator John Cornyn (Republican, Texas), “The Biden Border Crisis,” n.d.

What a joke. After spending the last three years destroying America with mass illegal immigration, the Biden regime wants to convince Americans that they actually care about the border crisis.

It can only be an election year.

The regime has begun to reach out to mayors of border towns to join crooked Joe Biden when he makes his announcement regarding executive action to try and curb border chaos.

Too little, too late.

CNN Reported:

The Biden administration is preparing to roll out a sweeping border executive action as early as Tuesday, according to two sources familiar with the discussions, who cautioned that timing is fluid.

White House officials have begun reaching out to mayors who represent cities along the US southern border to potentially join President Joe Biden when he announces the order, two other sources familiar with those conversations said.

When asked in March, Biden claimed that he did not have the authority to take executive action at the border.

“We need more forces on the border! I don’t have the authority to do that!” Biden shouted.


In late May, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy on CBS’s “Face the Nation” claimed that if Biden issues executive orders for the border, it would have little effect.

“The President could take executive action and has been talking about it since back in February when Homeland Security Secretary mentioned it was being considered. Should he just get caught trying?” Brennan asked.

“The President has such limited ability to issue executive orders that would have an impact on the border. He can’t conjure resources out of thin air,” Senator Murphy responded.


The Biden regime’s actions over the last 3 years clearly show that they have no intention of securing the border. Last year, they even sold off unused portions of President Trump’s border wall material for pennies on the dollar. That is proof positive that they were taking proactive steps to make the border even more open.

The cumulative damage of an open border for over 3 years has resulted in an estimated 10 to 12 million illegals entering our country. That is not counting the millions that were here previously.

The last three-year total of illegals entering the US is equivalent to the population of 41 individual states. This is not sustainable for our nation.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is one of the major influences keeping the border open. In February while on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he dodged all responsibility and blamed the border crisis on a “broken system.”


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