State AG Ends Campaign Against Pro-Life Centers After Being Told It Was Illegal

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Had been demanding details about ‘internal communications and records’

The top law enforcement agent in Washington state, the attorney general, has called a halt to his own extremist campaign against two faith-based, pro-life nonprofits after being told his “investigation” was illegal.

Officials with ADF explain that AG Bob Ferguson had been demanding privileged records and international documents from Obria Group and Obria Medical Clinics.

He had singled them out for targeting because he disagreed with their “life-affirming views,” the organization explained.

“No one should be investigated by the government simply because they hold views the government doesn’t like. We’re pleased Washington’s attorney general has ceased his unlawful investigation into our clients, and that Obria Group and Obria Medical Clinics PNW will be free to continue their life-saving work in the community,” explained Lincoln Wilson, a lawyer with ADF.

“We look forward to a ruling from the court confirming that the attorney general unlawfully targeted and harassed these clinics because of their pro-life stance. The Constitution protects Obria medical clinics, and all other pro-life organizations, to freely speak their beliefs, exercise their faith, and continue compassionately serving women and couples facing difficult pregnancy circumstances,” he said.

ADF had brought a lawsuit against Ferguson, prompting him to shut down his review.

Ferguson previously had claimed that he wasn’t harming the clinics.

However, the ADF report revealed, “one of the clinics showed that Ferguson’s investigation caused it to lose insurance coverage and to pay seven times more for replacement coverage.”

That prompted Ferguson to formally close his investigation.

His demands had included that the organizations provide documentation, “for a time period exceeding 13 years,” as well as answers to various questions for Ferguson’s investigation into “possible” consumer protection violations.

The broadside against the organizations was just part of what appears to be a nationwide move to bludgeon pro-life centers.

Attorneys general from New Jersey and California also have created controversy because of their lawsuits against pro-lifers.

They claim that the centers are “misleading” women about abortion.

Earlier, the ADF’s Gabriella McIntyre told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We’re seeing this as part of a larger trend of hostility towards pro-life organizations and particularly towards pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation.

“These attorneys general are targeting and harassing pregnancy centers, because of their religious and pro-life views. They are using their consumer protection authority to accomplish their purpose, which is clearly to divert and impede the mission of these organizations to serve women and families, and instead shift their focus to complying with these unfounded and unjustified demands.”

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