Conservative Columnist Outlines What Trump’s Media Strategy Should Look Like in a Second Term

The media in the United States is broken beyond repair. We all know this because we all see them day after day and we know that they are Democrat activists first and journalists second.

Kurt Schlichter is the senior columnist at Townhall. In a recent column, he laid out a series of suggestions for Trump and dealing with the press.

In short, Schlichter says that time is short and there are certain people in the press who should just be shut out of the conversation.

From Schlichter’s column:

The regime media’s erotic spasms over the NYC kangaroo kourt konviction – and the free media’s backlash against it – reaffirm the new information reality. Conservatives must understand that this is not the same media environment that most of us older Republicans grew up in. There aren’t just three networks. There aren’t just a couple basic cable news channels. There aren’t just the Washington Post and the New York Times. There’s a whole world of new and different information sources that scoff at the old-school zeitgeist gatekeepers…

Republicans, even Donald Trump, used to go on CBS or NBC regularly, or talk to the New York Times, and then collectively scratch their heads when they got their good faith rammed up where the sun don’t shine. But these are skin suit outlets, shells of the prestigious media icons of the past. These entities are now active enemies. They’re not just skeptical. They’re not just people who disagree with us. They’re certainly not objective, neutral truthtellers whose only goal is to enlighten the masses. They want to actively influence the masses, yet they want the respect that objective journalists might be due.

The regime media must be shunned. Cut out, iced out, kicked out. They don’t get called on. They don’t get talked to. They get ignored. Starve them…

A powerful, offensive, conservative media strategy is not a luxury. It is a necessity. The regime media has been completely weaponized against us, and it must be not just neutralized but actively defeated.

Schlichter is correct about all of this. If Trump wins a second term, he should not waste time arguing with activists from NBC News or the New York Times. There will not be a second to waste and these media outlets don’t deserve the attention anyway.

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