Louisiana Passes Bill Ordering Surgical Castration of Convicted Pedophiles

The state of Louisiana will not be a good place to be a convicted pedophile.

On Monday, Republican lawmakers passed a bill that will allow judges to order the surgical castration of pedophiles found guilty of various sex crimes including rape, incest and molestation against any child younger than 13.

Several other states – including Florida and Texas – already allow the chemical castration of pedophiles in certain circumstances. However, Louisiana would be the first state to impose surgical castration instead.

“This is a consequence,” Republican state Sen. Valarie Hodges said during debates over the bill. “It’s a step over and beyond just going to jail and getting out.”

Somewhat surprisingly the legislation was authored by a Democrat, state Sen. Regina Barrow, although her fellow Democratic lawmakers overwhelmingly voted against it.

“We are talking about babies who are being violated by somebody. That is inexcusable,” Barrow said about the proposed legislation. “For me, when I think about a child, one time is too many.”

While castration is typically associated with men, Barrow noted that the law could also apply women. She emphasized that the decision to impose this punishment would be made on a case-by-case basis and at each judges’ discretion.

According to the legislation, if an offender “fails to appear or refuses to undergo” surgical castration after it has been ordered by a judge, they could be charged with “failure to comply” and face an additional prison sentence of three to five years.

It also requires a medical expert to “determine whether that offender is an appropriate candidate” for the procedure before it is performed.

The bill will now head to Gov. Jeff Landry’s desk. He has not yet confirmedwhether he will sign it into law.

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