The Return of Nigel Farage: Brexit Champion Is the New Reform Party Chief, Will Stand in UK General Elections To Become an MP

Almost one month to the day of the next UK General Elections on the 4th of July, the political landscape is shaken by the unexpected return of Brexit champion Nigel Farage, declaring he will stand to be a Reform party MP.

Farage’s reversed his course after previously declining to run, and – what’s more – he is taking over the leadership of the Reform party.

Farage is back ‘for the next five years’ – to supplant Tories as the Opposition and fight for power in 2029.

This comes as devastating news to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, already overwhelmed by opposition Labour that is on track for a historical majority.

Daily Mail reported:

“Mr. Farage acknowledged that it would be ‘very difficult’ to win from scratch in a constituency. But he said since the snap election was called he had been talking to people on the streets and observed that ‘there is a rejection of the political class going on in this country in a way that has not been seen in modern times’.

‘I rationally thought this was too difficult. I’ve changed my mind because I can’t let down millions of people,’ he said. ‘Nothing in this country works… we will only recover our position with boldness,’ he said. ‘I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again: I will surprise everybody.’

[…] ‘The birth of sectarian politics in our country caused by massively irresponsible immigration policies. And it was the Labour Party that opened the door and who would have believed that a Conservative Party would have accelerated it’.”

Farage believes Reform party can get more votes in this election than the Conservative Party, that he sees ‘on the verge of total collapse’.

He also thinks his party will draw votes from both Labour and the Conservatives.

Farage says he wants to lead a ‘political revolt’.

“‘Yes, a revolt. A turning of our backs on the political status quo. It doesn’t work. Nothing in this country works any more’, he said.”

“He continued: ‘When people start to realize, in the red wall, with Reform second to Labour, when they start to realize that actually in those seats, it’s a Conservative vote that’s a vote for Labour, it’s a Conservative vote that is a wasted vote, then I think we might just surprise everybody’.”

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