NONSTOP ESCALATION: Macron To Announce Sending French Army Instructors to Ukraine – Russian Officials Alert They Will Be ‘Legitimate Military Targets’

Slowly but surely, highly unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron is taking his dysfunctional Republic step-by-step towards a war with Russia.

It is now certain that during the 80-year celebration of the D-Day landings, he will take the opportunity to announce that he is sending French ‘military instructors’ to train the Ukrainian forces near the frontlines.

As one would expect, the Russians responded with a clear threat against any French soldier or trainers in Ukraine.

Politico reported:

“’No instructor involved in training the Ukrainian military has immunity’, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told the press according to a report from French newswire AFP. ‘It doesn’t matter whether they’re French or not’, Peskov added.”

Macron will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is widely expected to announce a small coalition of countries willing to send trainers on the ground in Ukraine.

“Russia’s Vladimir Putin said last week there were already ‘specialists [in Ukraine] under the guise of mercenaries’. State news agency TASS meanwhile quoted Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova as saying that Moscow had ‘confirmation coming in on reports that France is preparing to send its troops to Ukraine’, in reference to trainers.”

Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, also said that French military instructors operating in Ukraine are a ‘legitimate target’ for Russia.

Business Insider reported:

“‘Regardless of whether they are French Army service personnel or just mercenaries, they are an absolutely legitimate target for the Russian Armed Forces’, he told reporters, per an official transcript from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

‘I have reasons to think that they are already active in Ukraine’, he said, without giving specifics.”

The prospect of sending troops to Ukraine is gaining traction among NATO members such as the Baltic States And Poland.

“Ukrainian leaders have asked the US and other NATO allies to assist in training 150,000 recruits closer to the front lines for speedier deployment, The New York Times reported last month.”

This is an important bottleneck in the Ukrainian army, for not only can’t they draft enough citizens into the army, but they also can’t train them properly before sending them to the front.

So Ukrainian field commanders have been bracing for the influx these poorly trained recruits.

Sputnik reported:

“The commanders complained that they used to spend weeks teaching new recruits basic skills, such as how to shoot, because most of them were poorly trained.

‘We had guys who didn’t even know how to take a rifle apart and put it back together’, [said] an assistant battalion commander with the call sign Schmidt.”

Commanders have to waste a lot of time right at the front on basic training of the conscripts.

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