BIG MOUTH STRIKES AGAIN: Globalist Pope Francis Remains Under Heavy Criticism Over His Foul Mouth and ‘Homophobic Slurs’

Argentine Pope Francis, the Globalist, makes every effort to be popular among liberals, and to be perceived as ‘politically correct’ – even if it means making Catholic dogma and doctrine take the back seat.

But, as I wrote before, nothing will ever be enough for these leftist groups.

Not only that, but Francis is an elderly man from a much different generation, and also a powerful political figure who is in love with his own voice, with a need to speak even when silence would be the best answer.

Now, in a very ironic turn of events, the Globalist Pope sees himself surrounded by fierce criticism from the very groups he always worked so hard to please and appease.

Reuters reported:

“Francis was quoted by Italian media as using the Italian term ‘frociaggine’, roughly translating as […] ‘faggotry’, in a closed-door May 20 meeting with Italian bishops. The Vatican issued an apology, but after that, other Italian reports attributed more gay slurs to the pope, as well as chauvinist language associating women with gossip, in a separate meeting with Roman priests.”

Friends of the pontiff have taken to the press to speak ‘off the record’ in his support.

At the same time, sympathetic analysts say this ‘PR disaster’ ‘should not obscure his record as a reforming, LGBT-friendly pope’.

“However, some say the 87-year-old’s gaffe fits into a pattern of papal missteps that undermine his authority and raise questions about his convictions and the reform path he has in mind for the Church.

[…] Francis has a reputation for having a salty tongue, especially in private, so while the reported anti-gay slurs shocked many, they did not seem out of character to people who know him.

‘I’m obviously not justifying his use of an offensive term … but it is normal for him in private to speak very, very directly’, papal biographer Austen Ivereigh said. ‘He doesn’t talk like a politician’.”

There’s even an ‘unnamed longtime gay friend of the Pope’ trying to help him in the midst of this ‘off the records deluge’, and say that Francis has always known he has a problem with foul language, calls himself a ‘bocon’, which means ‘big mouth’ in Spanish – someone who can’t keep from speaking.

“The same source said Francis had come ‘a long way in terms of openness towards LGBT rights’ for a man of his generation, noting he grew up in a very conservative family that considered divorcees – let alone gay people – social pariahs.”

But still, the pope’s profanity has left many offended, which is the standard intellectual stance of these groups, anyway.

Francis’ most damning ‘gaffe’ came as he discussed with bishops the question of gay candidates for priesthood.

The issue is sensitive and urgent for the Italian Catholic Church, given the an active gay ‘subculture’ in some of its seminaries.

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