Crime is so Bad in Oakland, California That the City Can’t Fix Potholes Because Workers Feel Unsafe (VIDEO)

The crime problem in Oakland has been well documented. They recently replaced traffic lights with stop signs because people were stealing the copper wire in the lights. Parts of the city look like a post-apocalyptic waste land.

Things have gotten so bad that when the city recently tried to repair potholes, workers wouldn’t finish the job because they felt unsafe.

How is this all happening in an American city?

FOX News reports:

Oakland community left with gaping potholes after crime crisis drives away construction crew

An East Oakland community’s roads remain mottled with gaping potholes after safety concerns led a construction crew to abandon their repaving project, according to a local report.

“He essentially said that the work was suspended and he couldn’t tell me the time frame when they would return because the contractor halted all the work because they felt unsafe,” Shari Angarano, a resident of the Sobrante Park area, told the Daily Mail of her recent call with the project manager.

“They were not going to restart the project until the City of Oakland could guarantee a safe work environment for them,” she added…

Angarano spoke on camera with KRON 4 San Francisco where she said the existing pavement was ripped up last month to prepare for the repaving, but the day the crew was slated to repave the roads, they never showed up.

“There’s more and more gravel and rocks being kicked up every day, every time the bus passes by,” she told the outlet. “I did pose that question to the project manager… what happens if my tires get popped? All he could do was tell me to submit a request to the city for reimbursement.”

Watch the video report below:

If residents are upset about this, they should direct their anger to the leaders of the city, not the workers.

The people charged with the care of the city have failed.

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