Joe Oltmann Walks Out of Deposition with Eric Coomer’s Attorneys After They Attempt to Force Him to Give Up His Sources

Guest post by Joe Hoft at JoeHoft.com – republished with permission

Former Dominion executive Eric Coomer after ramming his vehicle through the front of a bar in Colorado on a sunny afternoon.

Is the court working with former Dominion executive Eric Coomer in his defamation lawsuit against President Trump and others?

On Thursday, in a deposition with Colorado businessman and entrepreneur Joe Oltmann, Coomer’s attorneys and the court demanded Oltmann disclose his source, who he used to infiltrate the local antifa group online.

Former Dominion executive Eric Coomer became famous after the 2020 Election when videos like this of Coomer showing how to alter votes were found on the Internet.

At the same time, after the 2020 Election, Joe Oltmann disclosed that he heard Coomer share on a conference call before the election that he (Coomer) would ensure that Trump would not win the 2020 Election.

This information went viral and was shared by The Gateway Pundit and others.

In late December 2020, Coomer sued Oltmann and a select group of others who shared Oltmann’s disclosure, including Sidney Powell, Jim Hoft, radio host Eric Metaxas, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, and more.

This case has been overseen by numerous judges, who have taken some questionable actions. Thursday’s actions were no exception.

Clark, TGP, and others are being sued for sharing the information that Oltmann reported. It’s questionable why any judge would include these individuals in this case.

Oltmann was deposed by Coomer’s attorneys, who were scheduled to take oral and video testimony.

DEPO Notice-Joe Oltmann Set for 06-06 by Joe Ho on Scribd

Here is the related order:

128-Level 1 Restricted MINUTE ORDER Re Oltmann (20240409) by Joe Ho on Scribd

The venue, as noted above, was the Jury Room of the Courtroom of the Honorable Magistrate Judge Kathryn A. Starnella, located in the Byron G. Rogers Federal Courthouse in downtown Denver.

Oltmann disclosed that the room was very hot on Thursday, at around 78 degrees. This likely was to make it look like he was sweating when answering questions.

The Coomer team went on to ask Oltmann about 100 questions over a three-hour period. There was a short lunch break, and after that, when Oltmann came back to the courthouse, Eric Coomer joined his attorneys in the room.

Coomer’s attorneys asked Oltmann, who gave him the information about the phone call that Joe attended, where Coomer allegedly made the statements that made headlines. Oltmann would not provide that information. (Note that Oltmann believes he doesn’t have to provide this information because Oltmann was a journalist with Conservative Daily at the time of the event.)

Coomer’s attorneys also asked how Joe gained access to Eric Coomer’s Facebook page, which was covered with comments and articles about Antifa, hating Trump, and more. Oltmann would not share that as well.

Eventually, Oltmann left before giving up his sources.

It now appears that this deposition was held in the courthouse so that the judge could step in and compel Oltmann to give up his source. This may have been coordinated between Coomer’s attorneys and the judge.

Oltmann refused to give up his source and left the building. This infuriated the Coomer attorneys. We will post updates as soon as we hear more.

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“In Colorado, Dominiom Voting attorneys and a corrupt judge tried to force a journalist to reveal his source that gave up damning information on Dominion. They cornered him in a deposition, he held his ground and WALKED OUT of the courtroom

The Conservative Daily journalist & businessman Joe Oltmann also said they set the room temperature at around 78 degrees. This was likely done to make it look like he was sweating when answering questions.

The case has been overseen by a few different judges, a clear sign that they wanted to find the most crooked judge.

Dominion is in desperation mode, trying everything to silence the truth.”

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