‘Dream Come True’: Woman Unaware She Was Pregnant Gives Birth in Taco Bell Bathroom

A woman who was unaware she was pregnant gave birth to a child in the bathroom of a Taco Bell in Richmond, Virginia.

Breonni Jackson, who works as an in-home nurse, went to her local Taco Bell to pick up food for a patient. However, she realized something was up when she experienced stomach cramps.

“The pain hit me once again,” she told Channel 6 News in an interview. “I went back in the bathroom and this time when I sat down there was no standing back up. “I look down and that’s when I realized I was still bleeding.”

She then called her husband, Jamarz Jackson, who works at VCU Medical Center.

She’s crying, she’s breathing heavy, so immediately I’m like babe what’s wrong?” he explained. ““And she’s like, how fast can you get to me? So I’m like, oh God.”

“I’m running past the Panera Bread and then I hear her let out this gut-wrenching scream,” he continued. “I’m still panicking, I’m like, babe, say something, and then she’s like oh my God, oh my God,” said Jackson. “I’m like what’s wrong, what happened? And she was like I just had a baby. And I was like, you did what?!”

Making the case even more extraodinary is that neither of them knew she was pregnant.

“I was like, okay, no, there’s no way,” Breonni Jackson said. “I picked her up, I wrapped her in my shirt, she hadn’t let out a cry or anything yet.”

“I realized the umbilical cord was still wrapped around her throat,” she continued. “I unwrapped the umbilical cord, as I unwrapped the last one she took a deep breath and he heard her holler for the first time.”

Meanwhile, employees of the Taco Bell had no idea what was happening.

“They didn’t realize what was going on until the ambulance got there and asked them for the key in order to unlock the door,” she explained. “I’m still in shock. But to be honest it still couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Last June, the couple lost their nine-month-old son in a car accident after colliding with a camper van.

“It was a matter of a nightmare, as well as, this just can’t be something that’s real,” she said. “To know that I lost my son doing something that I do on a daily basis was the worst thing ever.”

“She’s definitely a dream come true,” she added. “To lose one and truly gain another one is definitely the best gift that we could ever ask for.”

The couple have since named their child Ayanna.

Breonni may have experienced what is known as a cryptic pregnancy. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this is simply when a pregnant woman does not know they are pregnant.

“Most people realize they’re pregnant somewhere between four and 12 weeks of pregnancy,” the clinic explains. “This could be because they have symptoms of pregnancy or because they missed their period.”

“A positive result on a pregnancy test can confirm pregnancy. With a cryptic pregnancy, nothing triggers a person to believe they’re pregnant. This could be because they don’t have symptoms of pregnancy or mistake symptoms of pregnancy as a virus, or their pregnancy test result was wrong.”


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