“Holy Cow… I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This, I’m Like Speechless” – CNN Data Reporter Shocked at Trump’s Level of Support with Black Voters (VIDEO)

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A CNN data reporter was left stunned as he revealed President Trump’s level of support with black voters, especially younger ones.

As the Daily Caller reported, CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten appeared with reporter John Berman Monday morning to discuss the state of the 2024 Presidential race. When the topic turned to how candidates are faring among black voters, Enten had some stunning news to share with CNN viewers.

According to polling shared by Enten, Trump is on his way to a historic overperformance with blacks, winning over 20% of these voters when Republicans, on average, win less than 10%.

More significantly, there is no sign of this sudden surge reverting to historic norms anytime soon, suggesting the surge is real.

After Berman pressed Enten for more detail on the number, Enten revealed that Trump’s explosion of support with blacks is powered by those under 50, slashing Biden’s support by more than half in just four years.

Biden, in contrast, has only slipped slightly with older black voters.

An astonished Enten concludes by telling Berman this is the first time he’s ever seen this. If the data is anywhere close to correct, Democrats are on the verge of losing one of the most reliable parts of their coalition to their most hated enemy.


BERMAN: Where does the race stand among African-American voters?

ENTEN: “I keep looking for this to change, to go back to a historical norm, and it, simply put, has not yet. So this is the margin, or, Biden and Trump among black voters, compare where we were at this point in 2020, compare to where we are now.

At this point, look at this. In 2020, Joe Biden was getting 86% of the African American vote. Look at where it is now. It’s 70%, that’s a 16-point drop, John. And more than that, it’s not just that Joe Biden is losing ground. It’s that Donald Trump is gaining ground.

You go from 7%, single-digits at this point in 2020, to now 21% and again, John, I keep looking for signs that this is going to go back to normal and I don’t see it yet in the polling of anything right now. We’re careening towards a historic performance for a Republican presidential candidate, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades.”

BERMAN: And when you dig into this number, what is the make-up of that number?

ENTEN: This is where it gets interesting…Look at black voters under the age of 50.

Holy cow, folks, holy cow. Look at this. Joe Biden was up by 80 points among this group back at this point in 2020, look at where that margin has careened down towards. It’s now just, get this, 37 points. That lead has dropped by more than half.

Mr. Berman, I’ve just never seen anything like this. I’m like speechless because you always look at history and you go, ‘Okay, this is a historic moment.’ If this polling is anywhere near correct, we’re looking at a historic moment right now, where black voters under the age of 50, which have historically been such a big part of the democratic coalition, are leaving in droves.

“It’s partially an artifact of Donald Trump perhaps being better liked among black voters, but it’s also a real artifact of Joe Biden being significantly less liked among black voters than he was four years ago.

Trump caused a political earthquake in 2016 after winning several key states that had not gone Republican in years. This was thanks to him flipping millions of working-class whites to the GOP, who were attracted to his messages on trade and immigration.

That political realignment, though, could pale in comparison to making a significant dent in the black vote.

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