Incredible Nationwide HUNGER STRIKE Planned by January 6 Prisoners

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. That’s the message the January 6 prisoners are speaking to the American people by NOT opening their mouths.

A massive nationwide HUNGER STRIKE has been planned across 60 BOP prison facilities by several of the 250+ January 6 Political Prisoners. These brave men and women are left with no other voice to speak to Congress after 1250+ days of stagnation and failure in receiving justice.

Jake Lang posted on his X profile the reasonable requests:

1. A New January 6 Select Committee be formed that is a legitimate fact-finding Committee and not a propaganda machine for the Left.

January 6 Prisoners be called to testify about their mistreatment and the two-tiered justice they have received in court.

FBI Whistleblowers and Capitol Police officers, like Chief Steve Sund and Lt. Tyrik Johnson and other Federal assets who were in the crowd, be called to testify about the true nature of the January 6 Set Up.

2. A Congressional Committee to be formed to investigate the vast overcharging of the J6 defendants by corrupt Federal Prosecutors and the oversentencing of the J6ers by the corrupt Federal Judges.

Those Judges & Prosecutors found in violation of administering Two-Tiered Justice be immediately impeached and disbarred.

3. All 40,000+ hours of J6 Footage to be released unredacted to the American public by Speaker Johnson immediately.

4. Financial compensation and restitution to be awarded to all of the J6 family members that have suffered wrongfully and had their lives destroyed by the government’s persecution of innocent patriots.

5. Congress would pass a new budget where – The FBI, The DoJ, the US Marshals, the DC Jail Gulag, and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), US Attorneys Office budgets be absolutely REDLINED until they RELEASE THE JANUARY 6 POLITICAL PRISONERS!!!


#J6HungerStrike #FreeTheJ6Prisoners

Historically Hunger Strikes have been the last resort of political prisoners who feel voiceless and abandoned. Is this what we had come to in America? The cries from cold, dark, prison cells of patriots no longer being heard by our feckless Congressman that they have to resort to starvation to obtain justice?!

The Biden Regime and the weaponized Department of Justice ought to be held accountable for the destruction of these men’s lives! How could Biden allow Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray to become so unhinged that the J6 prisoners are left to stave to death in prison?

Shame on the Biden Regime, which jails its political opponents and openly flaunts its tyrannical power to garner fear from the American people! Shame on the Federal Judges and Prosecutors who are complicit in the stranglehold this Regime has on the Jan 6 families! Shame on us, the American people, for sitting back idly as our brothers and sisters are tortured in prison for peacefully protesting!

For those of us who are looking to help resolve this grave injustice, please fill out the VOLUNTEER form on J6Truth.org at the top of the page and get involved in releasing the J6 Political Prisoners today!

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