Ashli Babbitt Lawsuit Against Feds Moved from San Diego to Washington DC – Assigned to Far Left Anti-Trump Judge Appointed by Biden

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Nearly three years after the protests on January 6, 2021, Judicial Watch filed a $30 million wrongful death suit against the federal government for the Capitol Police shooting of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

The Washington Examiner reported that the suit was filed on behalf of Babbitt’s estate and her husband, Aaron Babbitt, and claims the officer who shot Babbitt was “incompetent” and “dangerous” and should have recognized Babbitt posed no threat to Congress when she entered the House speaker’s lobby.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton shared on X at the time, “We just filed an important lawsuit.  A $30 million dollar wrongful death action against the United States government on behalf of Ashli Babbitt’s husband and her estate. Ashli Babbit was killed for no good reason that day. Shot and killed by Lt. Michael Byrd.”

“Judicial Watch is seeking accountability from the United States government, that is responsible for that awful and unjustified shooting death.”

“Remember, the only homicide on January 6 was the unlawful shooting death, as our lawsuit alleges, of poor Ashli Babbitt. She deserves justice.  She deserves accountability. And I tell you, Judicial Watch, and I know all of our supporters, are honored to be able to pursue this lawsuit to get justice for Ashli.”

According to the suit, “Ashli remained conscious for minutes or longer after being shot by Lt. Byrd. Ashli experienced extreme pain, suffering, mental anguish, and intense fear before slipping into pre-terminal unconsciousness. The autopsy report identified the cause of death as a ‘gunshot wound to left anterior shoulder’ with an onset interval of ‘minutes.’ The fact that Ashli was alive and conscious in extreme pain and suffering is documented in videos of the shooting. Furthermore, nothing about the wound track described in the autopsy report would be expected to result in immediate death or instantaneous loss of consciousness, and Ashli’s lungs contained blood, further confirming that she was alive and breathing after being shot. Ashli was pronounced dead at Washington Hospital Center at 3:15 p.m. The medical examiner determined that the manner of death was homicide.”

In April, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton warned his audience that the Biden DOJ was trying to “forum shop” the Ashli Babbitt filing in order to rig the lawsuit by her family over her homicide in the US Capitol.

Tom told his audience, “The request for a change in venue is clearly influenced by Defendant’s strongest motivation for changing venue, which is to select the forum where it feels it would receive a favorable process and outcome based on adversity against January 6 participants. By its motion, Defendant hopes to unfairly and unjustly connect Ashli Babbitt to violence, injuries, and deaths for which she is blameless and connect her by association to thousands of individuals convicted of misdemeanors and felonies for which she was never charged and is unable to present a defense due to the lawless actions of one of Defendant’s employees in shooting and killing her.”

On Monday Tom Fitton reported that the DOJ was successful in their attempts to move the Ashli Babbitt case from her home district in San Diego to the far left Washington DC district. The case was assigned to Judge Jia Cobb, a far left attorney who was appointed by Joe Biden.

This seems to keep happening in America today.

Judge Jia Cobb oversaw J6 prisoner Ryan Samsel’s case who nearly died in prison.

J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Can’t Walk, Suffers Life Threatening Condition In Solitary Confinment And Judge, Marshals, Guards, Congress Could Not Care Less

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