Detroit Rapper ‘Icewear Vezzo’ Explains Why He is Supporting Trump in 2024 (VIDEO)

This past weekend when Trump held an event in Detroit, a rapper named Icewear Vezzo was approached by a reporter and explained why he is supporting Donald Trump this November.

His answer was very logical. He simply explained that he has now lived under the policies of both men and he likes Trump’s policies better.

Millions of Americans are reaching this same simple conclusion right now.

Axios reported:

Former President Trump swapped his typical campaign message in favor of one that catered to working-class Black Detroiters on Saturday.

Why it matters: Trump’s campaign stop to an overwhelmingly Democratic-voting area is part of his campaign’s effort to attract Black voters.

What they’re saying: The former president focused on criminal justice reform, his support for funding historically Black colleges and school choice, while listening to issues facing Black business owners. He didn’t mention his felony convictions from his New York criminal trial…

Local celebrities attended the event, including rappers Sada Baby, Icewear Vezzo and Peezy, telling reporters they support the former president.

See the video below:

According to Rap-Up, Vezzo is already facing ‘backlash’ for openly supporting Trump:

Peezy And Icewear Vezzo Face Backlash For Linking With Donald Trump

Politics is always a tricky topic within social circles. Saturday (June 15), Peezy and Icewear Vezzo found out the hard way after posting pictures with Donald Trump during his visit to Detroit, Michigan.

In Peezy’s Instagram post, he said, “I Told Donald Trump If We Can Bring The ACT BACK We Can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And I Got Trump Coming To Sloppy Crab TONIGHT. WE LIT.” Shortly after, he commented, “Can anybody explain why they are so mad? I thought we was free to vote for whoever we want?? What’s the problem? Does everybody have to be a follower? Do you all hate free thinkers?”

One fan responded, “Dude will brag about slanging dope and killing his own people… and identify with a guy who despises guys like him… make it make sense.” Another user stated, “Rappers stay falling for this s**t every time [the] election [is] around the corner that’s why them n**gas gotta stay out [of] politics.”

This is typical for the left. They punish people for thinking the wrong way.

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