MONOLITH MANIA: Another Mysterious Metal Artifact Found, This Time in a Desert Near Las Vegas

Is it a seemingly supernatural ‘mystery’ – or is it just an elaborate piece of undercover artwork?

The Monolith Mania continues unabated in the United States the United Kingdom.

Another ten-foot-tall block of steel, resembling the distinctive shape of the Swiss chocolate bar Toblerone, has been found, this time in the Nevada desert near Las Vegas.

The artifact sighting is the latest in a series of similar events happening across the US, UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Multiple monoliths were sighted since 2020, including one in Utah, one in California, one at UK’s Isle of Wight and one at the Merry Maidens megalithic stone circle in Cornwall, which attracted enormous curiosity.

New York Post reported:

“The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says the shiny, reflective structure – similar to one found in Utah years ago – was spotted by its search and rescue unit near Gass Peak over the weekend. 

‘We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… but check this out!’ police wrote on X alongside an image of the monolith.”

Metal artifact found in the Nevada desert north of Las Vegas.

Besides the US and the UK, similar artifacts have also been found in Belgium and Romania.

Back in November 2020, one of the 10-feet high monoliths was found by Utah state wildlife employees counting sheep from a helicopter.

A week later, another artifact was discovered in Atascadero, California, north of Los Angeles.

Both British and American authorities share the same complete ignorance about who is placing these metal objects there and why.

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