Long-Time Washington Post Columnist Gives Crazy Reason Why Hillary Clinton Should Replace Kamala Harris on Biden’s Ticket

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For all the talk of Joe Biden’s pathetic poll numbers, his lame sidekick Kamala Harris is in even worse shape from a public approval standpoint and her presence is dragging down the entire Democrat presidential ticket.

But one Regime Media journalist has a provocative solution to resolve this pressing problem, and her reason is as crazy as you would expect.

Longtime Washington Post Columnist Kathleen Parker wrote in a Friday column that combination of Biden’s dementia and Harris’s lack of competence has become even more pressing because the North Dakota legislature recently passed a measure that establishes an upper age limit for congressional candidates. Under the legislation, neither 81-year-old Biden nor 78-year-old Trump would be eligible to run.

To alleviate the Harris problem, Parker suggests Biden ditch America’s first black vice-president with arguably the most hated and vilest person in American politics: Crooked Hillary Clinton. Parker also argues that putting Hillary on the ticket with Biden would rid the US of its “old-White-men dilemma” and ensure voters that someone capable would replace Biden if/when he has to resign.

Parker writes:

No one has mentioned her as a possible running mate for Biden as far as I know, but why not replace Harris with Clinton?

At 76, she might want no part of it, but it’s hard to retire when you feel your job isn’t done.

If Biden needs to step down, even those who didn’t vote for Clinton would have confidence in her ability to keep the country on track.

Parker’s suggestion of a 76-year-old Clinton on the Democrat ticket to address the age issue is odd enough. But that’s not the most insane part.

Parker astoundingly argues that the universally loathed Hillary would have cross-partisan appeal and possibly prove a decisive factor in a potential Biden victory. Has anyone ever met a devoted Republican fan of Hillary?

No, they all hate her! The most likely outcome of Hillary’s presence on the Biden ticket would be an explosion in GOP turnout to sweep the Democrats out of power.

“More independents and disenchanted Republicans might swing for Biden if it weren’t for the prospect of a President Harris — not because of her sex, race or any other demographic category, but because of her competency, or lack thereof,” Parker writes.

Conservatives on X were certainly not convinced by Parker’s suggestion of Hillary replacing Harris and cheered the idea. Some even speculated something terrible could happen to Biden should this idea come to fruition:

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