‘I Will Endeavor to Stay Alive’: Elon Musk Reveals There Were Two Failed Assassination Attempts Against Him

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has revealed that there have been two failed assassination plots against him in the past year alone.

During a question-and-answer session at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting last week, Musk confirmed that two “homicidal maniacs” have targeted him and other high-profile individuals.

“In the context of being a shareholder, unlocking these values of optimists, we need you, and just, with all the global uncertainty, you’re so high-profile that I just want to make sure you’re doing everything to take care of yourself,” one attendee asked Musk.

“It is getting a little crazy these days,” Musk responded. “You know, like, to first approximation, the probability that a homicidal maniac will try to kill you is proportional to how many homicidal maniacs hear your name. They hear my name a lot, and I’m like, OK, I’m on the list.”

“We [Tesla] actually did have two homicidal maniacs in the last roughly seven months, come to aspirationally try to kill me and a bunch of other people, so it’s not just me, and there wasn’t an actual issue that they articulated — they were just, you know, in the homicidal maniac career.”

“I will endeavor to stay alive,” he added.

As well as his efforts to push humanity forward with regard to energy production, automobiles, space travel, healthcare, travel and various other industries, Musk has become a persona non grata among liberal America and the fake news media for his growing sympathies to the conservative movement.

Since buying Twitter in November 2022, Musk has not only helped restore free speech on one of the world’s most important social media platforms, but he has also raised awareness on issues such as election fraud, vaccine safety, illegal immigration and internet censorship.

As the wealthiest man in the world with a following approaching 200 million people on the X platform alone, his importance to preserving our freedoms cannot be understated.

Stay safe, Elon.

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