Metro Atlanta Judge Arrested At Downtown Bar After Assaulting Police Officer

Judges who use bad judgment will be judged by the right judgment.

According to Fulton County Jail records, a Douglas County judge was arrested early Thursday morning at an Atlanta nightclub.

Christina Peterson, a Douglas County judge, has been charged with simple battery against a police officer at the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge on Peachtree Street.

WSBTV reports,

A police report said an off-duty Atlanta police officer was working at the bar when he saw a woman who was crying.

While the officer tried to speak with the woman, he was struck on the head by Peterson, according to an arrest report. It is unclear whether Peterson knew the woman who was crying.

Peachtree Street in Atlanta

Details from a police report indicate that an off-duty Atlanta police officer, attempting to assist a distressed woman, was violently struck on the head by Judge Peterson.

The incident raises serious questions about the judge’s conduct and the deteriorating respect for law enforcement among our so-called public servants.

The connection between Peterson and the crying woman remains unclear, adding a creepy element to this alarming incident.

Peterson did not identify herself and appeared to be under the influence, according to the arrest report.

Channel 2 Action News called Peterson’s office and was told that she was not in for work on Thursday.

As of Thursday afternoon, Petersen had been released from jail.

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